Fix GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10

How to Fix GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10 – “The driver does not appear to support OpenGL. Make sure you have up-to-date driver”.

GLFW Error 65542

GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10 is one of the most common issues that have been making serious trouble for gamers. The problem usually shows up while launching the game and occurs with the Java-based version of Minecraft. Thankfully, several affected users were able to overcome this problem by just copying the missing opengl32.dll file into the Java (JRE) directory.

Apart from manually modifying the JRE directory, you have other options as well. You can reinstall the GPU drivers so that every opengl32.dll may be re-installed in the system. In the Java edition of this game, GLFW Error 65542 also emerges when it gets into a collision with DisplayLink driver. So go through the below section to try out the workarounds and see which one brings the game back.

Methods list

1]Manually Add OpenGL32.DLL File to JRE Folder
2] Reinstall GPU drivers using Device Manager
3] Uninstall DisplayLink driver


GLFW Error 65542

Here is how to fix GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10 –

1] Manually Add OpenGL32.DLL File to JRE Folder

The display driver in Windows 10 usually holds all the necessary dynamic link library in short DLL files in most cases. However, some of these might go missing due to reasons like corruption in the system or accidental delete of the file itself. Similarly, missing of opengl.dll file is most likely to result in GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10.

In order to fix the issue, you can simply copy the DLL file from a trusted source and then add it to the JRE (Java directory) manually. Adding this will allow Minecraft to access opengl.dll file and the error will not appear while starting the game. Follow the below steps to add the DLL files to JRE folder –

  1. Launch any web browser and visit this link. Click Download next to the latest version of opengl.dll file.
  2. If a confirmation popup appears, click Save File.
  3. After the download finishes, extract the zip to a folder.
  4. From the extracted components, copy the opengl32.dll and then navigate to the below directory –

C:\Program Files\Java\*JRE Version*\bin

Note – Please note that, *JRE Version* in the navigation path above is just a placeholder. Replace it with the JRE version you are using. If you have installed the Java environment for Minecraft in a customized location, head to that file instead.

  1. Paste the copied DLL file to the desired location. Click Continue when a pop up appears for confirmation.
  2. If the DLL file is placed correctly in the proper environment, the GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10 should resolve by now.

2] Reinstall GPU drivers using Device Manager

In case, display drivers become obsolete without having the capability to run the opengl32.dll file, then you will obviously encounter GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10. The same drawback may also come up if the system had faced malware issues recently resulting in deleting some necessary files required to run the OpenGL.

In order to fix the problem, the best way is to uninstall the drivers associated with GPU and then install them again from official sites. For that, follow the below steps –

  1. Open Run dialog and to do so hit “Win logo + R” combination of keys.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc in the empty box and press Enter key.
  3. Locate and expand Display adapters category.
  4. Right-click the display driver and select Uninstall device. Click Uninstall again from the confirmation popup.
Uninstall Display Drivers to Fix Minecraft Error Pic 2
  1. Once the uninstallation gets over, launch Run again.
  2. Insert appwiz.cpl and click OK to access Programs and Features window.
  3. Reach out to the programs related to GPU manufacturer (Nvidia, AMD, or Intel).
  4. Right-click each and select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen guidelines and finish uninstalling them.
  5. Once finished uninstallation, restart Windows 10 PC.
  6. Upon startup, launch a web browser and visit the GU manufacturer’s official web page. Download the latest compatible driver.
  7. Install them again and try running Minecraft.

3] Uninstall DisplayLink driver to fix GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10

This is a special workaround for the users who are using the DisplayLink driver actively in Windows 10. This ‘driver’ has the potentiality to conflict with the Java version for Minecraft and thereby cause GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10.

Therefore if you are using DisplayLink USB Graphics Software, uninstall the same to resolve the error and you can run Minecraft again without any issue. To remove, follow the below instructions –

  1. Type Control Panel in the Taskbar Search and press Enter to access the same.
  2. Click Programs and Features from the app UI.
  3. Moving ahead reach out to DisplayLink Graphics Driver and do a right-click on it.
  4. Select the Uninstall option.
  5. If User Account Control prompts up for permission, click Yes to give consent.
  6. Finish the process following the on-screen guidelines.
  7. Lastly, reboot Windows 10 and try running Minecraft.

Hopefully, GLFW Error 65542 Minecraft Windows 10 will not show up anymore.

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