How to Fix Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10

Do you also get Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 on your Windows 10 computer? This code indicates that you need to clear the information that the browser has stored from the media streaming website. So, you will have to delete the cookies from Netflix to fix of this issue.

A few users also recommend that a simple Restart of Windows 10 will resolve the Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024. But the promising workaround is the removal of cookies. This basically helps the deletion of the data obstructing the media files from streaming

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Solutions

Here is How to Fix Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 –

Delete Netflix Cookies from your Web Browser

Visit the cookies option for clearing the cookies on Netflix. Doing so will make you sign out from your “Netflix Account”.

Now select Sign in and provide the Netflix Email and Password on their respective fields.

Reopen the Netflix and continue working.

In addition, you can manually delete the cookies and the browsing data well from different web browsers to solve Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024.

Remove cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Step-1: Launch Firefox, then go to the upper right corner and click Open Menu icon as shown in the below picture. When a pane comes into view, click Options.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 Pic 1

Step-2: Choose Privacy & Security on the left sidebar of the following tab.

Step-3: Locate the section namely Cookies and Site Data and click the Clear Data button.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 Pic 2

Step-4: When a small warning dialog prompts, choose both the checkboxes and click the Clear button. Doing so will eventually wipe out all cookies as well as site data stored by Firefox.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 Pic 3

Step-5: Moving ahead, in the same section, click the drop-down against the option Keep until. This will display two options, choose Firefox is closed (see snapshot).

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 4

Step-6: Now, also modify the browsing history records. So, go to the History section and click the drop-down next to the option Firefox will. From the list of options, select Use custom settings for history as depicted in the below screenshot.

Step-7: This will display a few checkboxes, select Clear history when Firefox closes.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 5

Now, whenever you will shut down Firefox, the browser will all by itself clear out the browsing records.

For reference, you may like to see the process to Remove Individual Cookies in Firefox in Window 10.

Clear cookies in Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and perform a hit on the three dots that appears on the extreme top right corner of the browser.

Choose Settings from the list of options that come up.

Scroll to the end of the following page and click Advanced. Now, locate Content settings underneath the section namely Privacy and Security.

Select Cookies.

Proceeding forward, toggle ON the option Keep local data only until you quit your browser.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 6

Once you configure the above setting, click the option “See all cookies and site data“.

Click “Remove All” button on the following page to remove cookies in Chrome.

Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 7

Delete Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Click the Microsoft Edge icon on the taskbar to access the built-in web browser. Click Settings and more icon from the upper right corner. When a list of options is visible, click History.

How to Fix Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 8

Click Clear history option as indicated in the given image.

How to Fix Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 9

Now, ensure to tick mark all the boxes under the “Clear browsing data” pane. Click Clear.

How to Fix Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10 Pic 10

That’s All!

Hopefully, removing the Netflix cookies and also clearing out the same from your browser will resolve Netflix Error O7363-1260-00000024 in Windows 10.

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