Fix Socket Error #10060 in Windows [Proxy, SMTP, FTP, Citrix]

Ways to solve Socket Error #10060 in Windows 11, 10, SMTP, FTP, Citrix, and other.

Socket Error #10060

The problem we will discuss here troubles generally when running web proxy connection on Windows 11, 10, any other version, Passive FTP, or server,  SMTP, Citrix, Live Mail, and Outlook. Error messages are different for these platforms as given in the screenshot. Some of them are “Can’t connect to the remote server. Socket error = #10060”, “Socket error = #10060 Connection time out”, “There is no Citrix Xenapp server configured on the specified server. (Socket error 10060)” .

When you run a command to request something, and server takes too much time to respond #10060 error appears.  This is called time out error and it is common when using a proxy server. Browser sends the command but proxy server does not load webpage or directory within the duration set into Time out setting. As a result, Can’t connect to the remote server. Socket error = #10060 is generated. Time-out error occurs when the requested directory is too large or the connection is much slower. See – Fix: There is Something Wrong with the Proxy Server in Windows 10

Socket Error #10060

Here is How to Fix Socket Error #10060 in Windows, Proxy SMTP, FTP, Citrix –

Way-1: Modify Registry

Commonly #10060 problem is found to occur when using Proxy on a computer. This issue is very annoying but thanks to some experts who solved this using a registry modification. Windows has a registry entry to determine the time out duration to load a page when you request. Changing this will work like a wonder and fix Socket Error 10060. Follow the steps –

  1. Click on Search from the taskbar.
  2. Type regedit.
  3. Press – Enter.
  4. Click Yes on the User account control dialog.
  5. Once Registry Editor is open, navigate to the following string –
  1. Double click on RequestTimeoutSecs.
  2. Select Decimal.
  3. Change the Request Timeout value to 93 or something more.
  4. Click on OK.
How to Fix Socket Error #10060 in Windows, Proxy SMTP, FTP, Citrix
  1. Close Registry Editor and restart the computer.

Way-2: Check proxy settings

  1. Press – Win+R.
  2. Type – inetcpl.cpl.
  3. Press – Enter.
  4. On the Internet Properties window, click on – Connections
  5. There go to – Lan settings.
  6. On the Local Area Network Settings pop up, uncheck – “Use a proxy for your Lan (These settings will not apply to Dial up or Connections)”.
  7. Click – OK.
  8. The error must be solved now.

Take help from – How to Manage Proxy Settings in Windows 10.

Way 3: Disable Windows Firewall and third party anti-virus

Although Firewall is an important protection tool on Windows and disabling this may leave you in an unsafe internet world, you can try this method temporarily for a short time. Firewall can block the connection of Proxy you are using on your computer and trigger the Socket error 10060 therefore follow the steps –

  1. Click on – Start.
  2. Type – Firewall.
  3. Hit – Enter.
  4. From the Windows Security app, turn off the Firewall for Domain network, Private network, Public network, or whichever you are using.
Disable Windows Firewall
  1. Check if the error does not appear when you try to load a web page. Don’t forget to enable the Firewall again.
  2. To turn off the anti-virus, go to the System tray on Taskbar and right-click on the icon of the program. Select Disable.

Go to – How to disable Firewall in Windows 11 (Best 5 ways).

Way-3: FTP Socket Error 10060

“Socket error = #10060” is a Connection Time-out error that commonly shows up when a client does not receive a response from the server for a particular command. Here is how to fix when you encounter this problem when trying to connect using Passive FTP mode. In case, you encounter error code similar to

227 Entering Passive Mode (abc,ab,abc,ab,a,abc).
STATUS:> Connecting ftp data socket…
ERROR:> Can’t connect to remote server. Socket error = #10060.
ERROR:> Failed to establish data socket.”

then follow the method –

  1. Right-click on the problematic site.
  2. Select – Site Properties.
  3. Go to the tab TYPE.
  4. Select Use PORT for the option Data Connection.

Way-4: SMTP Socket Error 10060

If you encounter this error when using Outlook email then this method will provide relief from the error message. Outlook email client gets Socket error = #10060 when trying to send mail.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click – Tools
  3. Open Accounts.
  4. In the Internet Accounts window, click the Mail.
  5. From the list of accounts, double-click on your account.
  6. Select Server from the Account Properties window.
  7. Check all the options precisely if they are correct.
  8. Now, make sure that Authentication is enabled. For this, follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 again in this method. In the Server tab, check the option – My server requires authentication.

Way-5: Windows Live Mail Socket Error 10060

In case, you use Windows live mail and find #10060 error code this method will work –

1] Configure Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Windows Live Mail client app Properties.
  2. Access the Servers tab.
  3. Enter the below in the boxes –

Incoming Mail [POP3] –

Outgoing Mail SMTP –

  1. Furthermore, check if My Server requires authentification and also disable third-party antivirus program and firewall as explained in the above methods.
  2. Check the option My server requires authentication for Outgoing mail server.
Fix Socket Error #10060
  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Enter Account name and password.
  3. Check – Logon using secure password authentication.
  4. Click “OK” on the Outgoing mail server pop-up.
  5. Select Apply and OK.

2] Correct Date and time settings

  1. Press – Windows and I.
  2. On Settings app, select – Time & Language.
  3. Staying in the ‘Date & time’ settings page, click on – Set the time automatically toggle from the right pane to turn it on.
Windows Live Mail Socket Error 10060

See – How to Fix Can’t Add Gmail to Mail App in Windows 10

Way-5: Socket error 10060 Citrix

Several users encounter Socket error 10060 Citrix NetApp while trying to open or run a Microsoft Remote Desktop. The error message is – “Unable to connect the server contact your system administrator with following error: there is no Citrix Xenapp server configured on the specified server. (Socket error 10060)”.  To solve this issue follow –

Microsoft Remote Desktop app is available on multiple servers and when Citrix finds any problem it will automatically shift the session to another suitable server. So, first of all, you need to wait for some time however If the socket error 10060 on Citrix still shows up then try the below instructions.

1] Disable or uninstall third-party Antivirus program

Right-click on the Antivirus from the System Tray on the Taskbar. Select Disable for a certain period of time. Almost every Antivirus provides options like Disable for 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours. If you don’t find an option like this then launch the program and disable it from the interface. If you can afford you can uninstall the Antivirus from your computer.

2] Check your firewall to make sure ports 2598 and 1494 are open

This error is what commonly appears when 1494 and 2598 ports are blocked. To unblock the ports follow the guidelines –

  1. Click on – Search.
  2. Type – Firewall.
  3. Press –  Enter.
  4. Windows Security will open showing a few links; click on – Advanced settings.
firewall advanced settings
  1. Select Yes on UAC prompt
  2. Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security window appears; click on Inbound Rules.
  3. Select – New Rule….
Socket error 10060 Citrix
  1. On the New Inbound Rule Wizard, check Port.
  2. Click Next.
rule type port
  1. Select TCP or UDP.
  2. In the Specific local ports, type 2598,1494 and click on Next.
Socket Error #10060 in Windows, Proxy SMTP, FTP, Citrix
  1. Make sure that Allow the connection is selected.
  2. Again click on Next.
10060 in Windows, Proxy SMTP, FTP, Citrix
  1. Check all the options Domain, Private, Public, or whichever you require.
  2. Select “Next”.
  1. Name the rule and click on Finish.

Way-6: Socket error 10060 Server

If you are on server and have access to it you can increase the value for time out and wait until the requested directory loads. To change value follow the steps –

  1. Go to the Server Settings.
  2. Click on – Tools.
  3. Select – Global Options.
  4. Click Transfer.
  5. You see an option – Reconnect and resume in [n] seconds if nothing received. Change the n to a higher value, for example, 93 or 95 seconds.
  6. Finally, the error will be fixed.

Several times, Citrix has no servers assigned or is not set correctly. Because this error is related to external Citrix Workspace and so call upon your company IT or Citrix support team to address the problem.

Methods list:
Way-1: Modify Registry
Way-2: Check proxy settings
Way-3: FTP
Way-4: SMTP
Way-5: Citrix
Way-6: Server

That’s all!!

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