How to Fix Win32bridge.Server.exe Error in Windows 11 or 10 (Solved!)

6 ways to solve Win32bridge.Server.exe Error in Windows 10 or 11.


Several people find an error message when trying to launch, run installed application or startup of the system. The odd problem is Win32Bridge.Server.exe application was unable to start correctly is the statement that affects Windows users. Experts find that the main reason behind this nagging error is Cortana and  its configurations resetting this app solve the issue in most of the cases.

The error message is – “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.549981C3F5F10_2.2007.24732.0_X64_…Win32Bridge.Server.exe {Application Error} The application was unable to start correctly (0xlx). Click OK to close the application”. Sometimes this problem may show the same statement with incorrect function instead of Application error.

Win32bridge.Server.exe Error in Windows  11 or 10

Here is how to Fix Win32bridge.Server.exe Error in Windows 11 or 10 –

Way-1: Attempt to Reset or Disable the Cortana App

Corruption in Cortana app is the major root cause of this problem so repair of the application and restoration of its settings to default can solve the error message. Several Windows users have successfully corrected this issue by resetting or disabling Cortana only, therefore this is the best course of action for you to start.

Section-1: Reset the Cortana

For Windows 11 –

  1. Press Winkey and I.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Go to the right pane of the Settings and find Cortana in the list. You can use search filter to locate.
  4. Click the three horizontal dots (…) and select Advanced options.
how to Fix Win32bridge.Server.exe Error in Windows 11 or 10
  1. On the Advanced settings page, scroll down.
  2. Locate and click – Reset.
  3. Confirm by clicking the same on pop-up.
reset cortana app

And for Windows 10 –

  1. Right-click on Start and select – Apps & features.
  2. Click on Cortana from the Settings app.
  3. Select – Advanced features.
  4. Click on Reset => Reset

This should rectify the problem and if not, try deactivating the Cortana app, as shown below.

Section-2: Disable the App

  1. Launch Task Manager.
  2. To do that, press – Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  3. Go to the Startup tab
  4. Right-click on Cortana.
  5. Select – Disable.
  6. Close Task Manager and restart the computer.

Way-2: Employ SFC & DISM Commands

You could experience the Win32Bridge.Server.exe error if the necessary system files are broken or .WIM is malfunctioning. Propitiously, SFC and DISM are the utilities equipped with commands that have potential to repair the components. One of them will detect corrupted files and when found, it replaces with the same file from cache folder and other will rescue Windows image. Follow the guide –

  1. Press  Windows + S keys together.
  2. After that, type – cmd.
  3. Right-click – Command Prompt.
  4. From the context menu, choose – Run as Administrator.
  5. To proceed, select –Yes when the User Access control prompt appears on the screen.
  6. Type SFC /scannow.
  7. Hit – Enter.
system file checker on command prompt or cmd
  1. Once finished, reboot the computer.
  2. After the system started, open Command prompt as administrator again.
  3. Copy and paste the following command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  4. Next, hit – Enter key.
  5. Once finished, exit the command prompt window and reboot the machine.

You can see – SFC /Scannow, DISM.Exe, CHKDSK Windows 10.

Way-3: Disable CDPSvc

Services are one of the most effective Windows tools to determine whether a process will run on an operating system. Win32bridge.Server.exe can appear because of support of Connected Devices Platform Service (CDPSvc). Apart from application error, this may also produce high CPU usage and plethora of problems. So disable CDPSvc using the below guidelines –

  1. Right-click on ‘Start’ and select Run.
  2. Type – services.msc.
  3. Press Enter to open the Services window.
  4. Find Connected Devices Platform Service and double-click on it.
  5. Then, double-click it to bring up the Properties.
  6. Click the drop-down for Startup types.
  7. Select Disabled from the list of options.
  8. Now, click – Stop to cease the service from running.
  9. After that step, click – Apply and OK to apply the changes and dismiss the Properties box.
Connected Devices Platform Service (CDPSvc).

Way-4: Completely Disable Connected Devices Platform Service from Registry

Your Calendar, contacts, Mails, and OneDrive, to name a few, are all synchronized using the Connected Devices Platform (CDPSvc). Fully disabling the service from registry will affect the working of these applications, moreover, it will stop them. Remember that during time period when it is disabled you will not be able to use the associated programs on your Windows.

Correct operation of a system depends on the Registry and any error in this could cause permanent damage and render unusable Windows, therefore, before continuing, make sure to export a backup. Go to here for this – How to Import and Export Registry Editor on Windows 10. In order to deactivate CDPUserSvc, we additionally warn that to properly carry out the actions listed below:

  1. Hold down Windows and press R.
  2. Type – Regedit.
  3. Press – “Enter” or click – OK.
  4. When it gets to the UAC prompt, click –Yes.
  5. Navigate to the following path by browsing through the following string –
  1. Double-click – “Start” from the right pane.
  2. Change the value to 4 on the resulting pop-up screen.
  3. Exit the Registry window and restart the system.

Way-5: Uninstall recent Windows update to fix Win32bridge.Server.exe error

Are you facing Win32bridge.Server.exe error after installing Windows update patch or build? Bugs in a release modify Connected Devices Platform Service or CDPSvc ending up with this application error message. Therefore, uninstall the Windows update using the instructions –

  1. Right click – Start.
  2. Select – Run.
  3. Type – appwiz.cpl.
  4. Hit ‘Enter’ to open the Programs and Features window.
  5. Select – “View installed updates”.
  6. Click on Uninstall and verify the prompt.
Fix Win32bridge.Server.exe Error
  1. The steps should solve the issue of the Win32Bridge.Server.exe error for you.

Way-6: Try to Use System Restore

This method works when Win32bridge.Server.exe error occurs because of certain changes in registry or system files. Third-party programs, malware, etc. distort the basic structure of Windows consequently any solution doesn’t work to get rid of this application error. In this condition, trying not more things you should go with System restore which will reinstate Windows to a previous point of time when everything was okay. This is just like a recovery tool. The steps are as follows –

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Type – Create a restore point.
  3. Press – Enter.
  4. Once the System Restore wizard appears, click – Next.
  5. Check the box before – “Show more restore points“.
  6. Highlight the time and date when error was not present.
  7. And Click – Next.
  8. Select – Finish and confirm the prompt.

Methods –

Way-1: Attempt to Reset or Disable the Cortana App
Way-2: Employ SFC & DISM Commands
Way-3: Disable CDPSvc
Way-4: Completely Disable Connected Devices Platform Service from Registry
Way-5: Uninstall recent Windows update
Way-6: Try to Use System Restore

That’s all!!

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