Ultimate Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

When you start generating strong password you often find yourselves in an irksome situation. The whole process consumes more time than you think and even don’t feel yourselves confident at last. Your mind often recalls whether this password is enough strong. You might be aware of the fact that security, privacy, and protection are great issues of this period and keeping something hidden is a tough task on internet. In this situation creating strong password is the must condition. But the simple fact is that everybody knows to generate strong password. A slight bit of care makes you capable of it.


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These days several online password generator sites are active on the web. On these sites, you might create untraceable passwords, but remembering these passwords is much arduous. Saving password in file or folder is not out of danger. So you could use the password easy to remember and strong as well. Time and again using of Forgot password option bothers us and is also not safe.

Ultimate Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

Whether my password is strong?

Few Facts you Should Know About Password

  1. A least popular set of characters and words creates strong password. Passwords having popular set of characters and words are weak. If you write a popular actor or actress, city or legend name it will be insecure whereas village or street, folk songs word.
  2. Password you could remember easily and other could not guess are the best.
  3. Longer the password more it is secure.
  4. Password having different types of characters such as upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters are more strong.
  5. Password having only name, set of numbers are extremely dangerous and boons for hackers.

Few Rules you may Follow About Password

Certain rules which guide you to create strong passwords are a better option, but everyone has its own mindset and interest. So setting any rule is very difficult. Despite you can try a few possible ways which suit you.

1. Always create password of the set of words or letters in which you have interest so that you could remember for a long time.

2.  Using all types of characters at least once whether it is upper case, lower case, number or special character is the best option for generating strong passwords. You could try a combination of two words one in upper case and other in lower case and added with special character and number as antecedent and precedent. If you need you can reverse the word, case as uppercase to lowercase and vice versa. and also you could change the place of antecedent and precedent.

3. Passwords having two words and a special character and a number in between can be a strong enough and easy to memorize also. If these two words are in alternate cases it will be stronger.

4. As you need to create account on hundred of websites on the web, you should remember that same password for all the accounts are not safe. If a hacker is able to crack the password of any account he will get the key and you could understand what he will do. So always create different passwords for different accounts. Although this is not an easy task, a few tricks can solve your problem.

1. Medicine names: Medicines are matter of regular use for everybody these days. So you can use two medicine names with a special character in between. For numeral character, you can use power of the medicines. This could be a better option for you.

2. Terms of Folk songs create strong password: If you are fond of songs and music You can write words used in folk songs. These words are always unique and hackers could not reach to these passwords. You can add special character in starting or end.

3. Name and date of birth of your intimate: You can write the name with date of birth of your intimate with hyphen or dash. These types of passwords are easy to memorize.

4. Name of Village or Street: Village or street names are rare and difficult to guess. Writing these names with special character and numbers as antecedent and precedent will be a great choice.

Ultimate Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

I have created a Strong Password

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