Free Hosting of Website on Dropbox

 This is true. Dropbox can be used to host the websites and that too for free. It should be made sure that there is a good amount of space in the Dropbox account. Getting free hosting from Dropbox is very easy. Dropbox does not have specialized tools for us to host the website. But, we are using Dropbox in a way to host the web pages. The steps are very simple. Let us scan them:

  • A folder needs to be created on the local computer before opening the Dropbox account.
  • All those files which would be required by the website such as the CSS files, media files, HTML files and others should be added.
  • The HTML files should contain the Homepage. The folder should be properly navigated to see whether all the things are proper.
  • Now, the Dropbox account should be logged in. A folder should be created with any name, and all the website related files should be placed in it.
  • Next, the HTML page which is the Homepage should be right-clicked and navigated as ¬†Dropbox > Copy Public Link and the link should be copied to the clipboard.
  • Now, from some other computer, the copied link should be entered to check whether the website which was created is opening or not.

Most of the domain services allow the link conversions to the proper ones. This can be done with GoDaddy. After logging into the GoDaddy account, a navigation should be made as Domain Manager > Domain Information > Forwarding > Manage after which the option Forwarding with Masking should be selected and in the Forward to field, the URL of the Dropbox link should be pasted. The Domain bought from the GoDaddy can launch the website. Hope, this article was helpful. Suggestions are recommended.

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