Galaxy S I9000 How to update Ubuntu Developer Preview Custom Firmware

Ubuntu Developer Preview has been released couple days back.  Developer Preview of Ubuntu custom Firmware is compatible with Galaxy S device. Well, it is right time to judge Ubuntu custom OS on Galaxy S I9000 device. Now, I am about to share the ways to update Galaxy S I9000 to Ubuntu Developer Preview custom Firmware.

The way of updating Galaxy S I9000 to Ubuntu Developer Preview begins with ClockworkMod recovery installed on your device. However, it is essential to take some steps as shown below before updating Galaxy S I9000 device to Ubuntu Developer Preview custom Firmware.

  • While updating Samsung Galaxy S I9000 devices to Ubuntu developer preview custom Firmware, users need to make connection between PC and Device. Therefore, users need to install Samsung Galaxy S I9000 phone USB drivers on PC. After pressing Download Samsung Galaxy S I9000 USB driver link, you may install drivers on PC.
  • It is needed to enable USB Debugging mode for better integration between PC and Galaxy S I9000 device.
  • As personal data kept in the phone memory are vital for every aspect. In most probable conditions, users let data losing on across updating their devices. Thus, users need to back up Phone memory data along with APN settings to restore later on updated devices.
  • Exercise of updating takes a fair bit of time. On updating act devices need to function continuously for a longer period. Thus, it is expected that Galaxy S I9000 device should have not less than 85% charged of total capacity.

Ensuring that above measures are taken bit earlier on devices & PC move to update Galaxy S I9000 to Ubuntu Developer Preview custom firmware. To assist in process of updating Galaxy S I9000 device to developer preview firmware, I am putting tips. Just follow these tips and update your devices.

How to Update Galaxy S I9000 to Ubuntu Developer Preview Custom Firmware:


Step 1

You are needed to install Ubuntu Developer Preview ROM zip file on PC. Again zip file of OS data file and Layout fix to install on PC.

Step 2

Now plug Galaxy S I9000 device to PC, using USB cable.

Step 3

After then copy downloaded zip file of Ubuntu ROM, Layout Fix and OS data file and paste these files to SD card.

Step 4

Switch Galaxy S I9000 device off and unplug USB cable as well.

Step 5

Then move to Recover Mode. For this, users will have to turn their phone on and press and hold Volume Up + Home and Power Button altogether.

Step 6

Above act leads you to ClockworkMod recovery. Here, users have to clean data and scroll down to select ‘Flash zip from SD card’. By pressing power button, you will be able to select ‘Flash Zip from SD Card’ option.

Step 7

Once again press Power Button to navigate ‘Choose Zip from SD card’ option.

Step 8

Now press Volume key to navigate ‘Ubuntu ROM zip file’ that earlier pasted at SD card. Select to install ‘Ubuntu ROM zip file’ on your devices, using Power button for this act.

Step 9

Once you see confirm installation message at next screen then go to ‘+++++Go Back’ and restart Galaxy S I9000 devices. To restart Galaxy S I9000 after updating, you have to select ‘reboot system now’ option in recovery menu.

Disclaimer: Applying above tips on other devices than Galaxy S I9000 devices could adversely affect such devices, and it leads to permanently hamper functions as well. Therefore, follow above tips in similar manner as shown above on the same Galaxy S I9000 device to update to Ubuntu Developer Preview custom firmware.

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