New Health Report feature released by Mozilla Firefox

This Health report which was released on May 14th and was considered a very important feature for Firefox 21 which was also released on the same day. It is a very good feature that provides complete information of the system and about the web browser. The track record of how much time the website had been running, the time the website takes to start up, and the add-on preferences. They have used this concept not only to provide Mozilla with metrics but also the data which discovers the trends which may need repairing. This enhances the present feature of resolving and the restoring of certain issues. This feature has been launched so that large threats can be detected very early before they reach the masses. This would also help Mozilla discover certain issues caused by specific add-ons. There is certain health related information which Mozilla has just logged into, which include:

  • The version of the Firefox.
  • appBuild ID.
  • The version of the platform.
  • BuildID of the platform.
  • operating system, memory, architecture.
  • update channel.
  • all add-ons and their settings.
  • Age of Firefox profile.
  • Information about the current session.
  • Installed extensions, plugins and themes.
  • Bookmarks and pages information.
  • counts of the Searches made.
  • Information about load event.

You can even load the About: Healthreport page which opens the local Health Report page.

Health report page

Health report page

The graph shown above represents the Startup time taken every day for Mozilla to start up. An analysis can be drawn about when the Firefox became slower than before. The Raw data view can be switched to which provides complete information about the data that was transferred to Mozilla by the Firefox Health Report.

How to turn the Health Report off

 The feature of the Health report is usually turned on by default by Firefox, but this feature can be disabled. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Click on the Alt key. Go to tools and click on the Options from the menu.

Step 2: Click on advanced and then go to Data Choices.

Step 3: Here you can un-check the Enable Firefox Health Report box. This will enable the feature to send the reports to the Mozilla.

Now it is your privacy to decide whether you want to share the data with the Mozilla or not. Accordingly, you can turn the feature on or off.

The health page can be accessed where you can click on the Raw data link, and this will show you all your information that has been transferred to Mozilla. Keeping the track of the browser’s start up time could really be helpful in case you can add or modify the features. Thus it can also be considered as a security feature wherefore Firefox also protects you from harmful pages. Firefox already has a reputation of being a very virus-free website and with this feature, this idea would be enhanced.

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