How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10)

You are here means you want to know how to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4. As per great functionalities and features the device is able to run heavyweight applications and games. So maximum chances are there to consumption of more power in the Microsoft Windows 10 tab. However, Surface Pro 4’s specifications are capable of taking loads of any app and the only need is to customize the Battery saving settings and follow a few measures on the device.

Surface Pro, one of the best tablets available, comes with a powerful 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 processor. According to functionalities and specifications of the tab, the device might have a relatively higher battery usage. Microsoft’s also claims that the brand new Surface Pro 4 offers you a minimum of 9 hours basic Video playback time. The Runtime is arguably enough. Not only that, it has an amazing battery life, in reality, giving you four and a half to 5 hours backup screen on time. However, if you are more concern, here you can learn how to get longer battery life on Surface Pro 4. The power consumption on the Surface Pro depends on the activities you do on the tab, the extent of usage. Anyway, since you are here for some ways to make the surface pro battery last longer, let’s head right to it.

How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4

Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4

Here is How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4 –

1. Keep your tab up-to-date

Keeping the Surface Pro 4 updated would sure enhance the battery efficiency as well as overall performance of the tab. So make sure you keep your device updated with the latest version on Window 10. Go to Settings => Update & Security => Windows update and tap ‘Windows update’.

2. Reduce the screen time-out duration

Screen timeout locks the screen down when it is left open. The longer the display runs, more of the battery expense increases. When the screen turns off in less time, you will Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4. Go to Settings => System => Power & Sleep and choose less time in the drop-down under – On battery power

3. Dim the brightness

It is one of the basic things you can follow to improve surface pro 4 battery life, or for that matter, most mobiles, tablets, and computers. Often, users leave the brightness very high, which not only would affect the battery life of the device but shall also hurt your eyes.

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4. Use Wi-Fi or data only when required

Being connected to the network and using Wi-Fi can consume a considerable amount of power too. So while you are not using the internet, remember to turn the wireless network off on your Surface Pro 4.

5. Switch to Power-saver plan

If you notice that your Surface tab battery is quickly draining, having the power-saver plan on might help. Simply move the slider (which appears when you tap on the battery icon) to left until you see the power saver mark.

6. Close or stop the programs that you are not using

Overloading the Windows 10 system with multiple tasks running or several tabs open can eat up the battery pretty quickly. So always remember to close the unused programs.

7. Use a Battery saver programs

There are third-party applications that can take care of apps or programs that might be using battery the most. These apps may help in keeping the power optimized.

8. Mind the Operating temperature

Surface Pro uses Lithium-ion batteries that are quite a bit sensitive to the operating temperature. The ideal temperature for these would be 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit on this device. If the tab frequently becomes hot, the battery can’t be in the best condition.

There are more things you can do to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4. However, these are the most common and useful ways.

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