Gmail Touch App for Windows 8 / 10 – Features and Drawbacks

Google has released the Official Search app for the Windows 8 operating system. The app so far is working very well, but Google is not showing any interest in developing a dedicated app for Gmail. Though, it is possible to integrate the Gmail account to the native mail app but, we feel that there should be a dedicated Official app for Gmail.
The PC users are having good news that is always in search of a dedicated Gmail app. An unofficial app called Gmail Touch is available for Windows 8. This app is specifically designed for users who are using touch screen devices with Windows 8. The app’s features include the easy checking of the emails, composing emails and many more.

Gmail App Windows 8

The Gmail Touch has host of features like viewing the inbox, composing new messages, and searching for the messages. Its similarity with the native mail app is that it also comes with the live tile support, that is all the new messages are displayed in the tiles in the Start screen in a touch device. This app has a very easy interface which makes navigation through Gmail easier. It makes switching between the inbox, drafts, sent mail, and spam folder. Along, with this selecting and deleting a single message or multiple messages at a time also becomes easier. The whole experience of using this touch app is that it works really fast.

This version of the Gmail app has the biggest drawback that no attachments can be added to be sent through emails. This really feels bad as lots of emails are sent only for sending attachments. Another disadvantage of this app is that the free version has a lot of adverts. The version of the app which is free from the adverts has to be bought for 2.99$.

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