Google Hangouts new Messaging App for Android, iOS and Chrome

Google has introduced few new updates for Android, Chrome, Google+, Maps and better apps in recent days. One of the fresh services namely Hangouts has been announced by Google. Now Google has detached Hangouts from Google+ and changed it into a separate instant messaging app for Smartphone. You can use Google’s new Hangouts IM app on your iOS or Android device without delay. The app lets you to keep a reliable chat experience in sync across not only the devices listed over, but also inside Chrome, Google+ and Gmail. The new Hangouts IM app for iOS and Android device is available free of cost at respective app stores.

There are some points you will need to familiar before using the new Hangouts IM app.

  • When you start the app first time, you will need to sign in with a Google account.
  • You can start a chat or Hangout by tapping on the “+” sign in the top-right side of the app. You will be capable to select your Google+ contacts and the contacts in your address book.
google hangouts app
  • Don’t be worried while the Talk icon vanishes on your Android device, the Hangouts IM app restores Talk icon automatically.
  • As soon as you start a chat with someone, you will find his profile photo in the chat beside received message.
  • During a chat, you can tap on the camera icon at the top side to begin video chat with everyone in the group.
google hangouts app settings
  • You can record a chat history from the chat list by swiping on it. You can also clean a chat history by opening the chat and tapping on the profile icon (on iOS) or the menu icon (on Android). In the similar location, you will get an option to create a group hangout, turn off notifications and track Hangout history.
  • Android users can use a long list of special characters when they are composing a message.

The most excellent feature of Hangouts app syncs your chat across devices. It means you don’t need to remember where you left off the last chat from the desktop or your mobile devices.

Download Hangouts IM app from iTunes Store For iPhone, iPad

Download Hangouts IM app from Google Pay Store for Android

Download Hangouts For Chrome

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