How To Reset Factory settings to Google Nexus Tablet – Hard, Soft

Indeed, Google Nexus tablet is far ahead of the iPad and Amazon Kindle tablet. If your Google Nexus 7 or later version tablets is performing unresponsive or running slowly you have the option of reset factory. It will improve the performance of your tablet. This reset factory comprises two methods:

  • Soft Reset Factory settings by Reboot Method
  • Hard Reset factory Settings (with Menu or Via Hardware)

At first Google Nexus user should backup essential data like documents, mp3, videos, images, apps and etc from the tablet. Because during the reset process it will be fully wiped. At this time user can choose their Dropbox account or other online storage services in order to save or backup of data.

How To Reset Factory settings to Google Nexus Tablet

Soft Reset Factory Settings on Google Nexus Tablet (Reboot Method )

It is a simple method of Reset factory process with Google Nexus tablet. Nexus user should often try it at first. Sometimes this process can’t delete your entire data and settings. To do it, press the power button of Google Nexus tablet for few seconds until the next screen blinks off and boot logo comes out.

Hard Reset Factory settings Through Menu 

If reboot method does not solve existing problems of Google Nexus tablet then a hard reset is a proper decision. You should remember that this method will delete every setting and data on the Nexus tablet. So memorize to get backup first.

To start reset factory settings –

  • Tap on Settings tile by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Next, tap on Backup and reset option within the Personal section.
  • From the upcoming screen, check the box of two options – Backup account and Backup by data.
  • Next tap on factory data reset option and type account password.
  • At last tap on Reset tablet option at the bottom of next screen.

Thus, Google Nexus tablet will reboot, delete everything data, settings and begin as a new brand tablet in few minutes.

Hard factory Reset settings on Google Nexus Tablet through Hardware  

If your Google Nexus Tablet has not become free from previous problems completely then this is an alternate option.

  • Grip the power button and both volume keys for some seconds at once. Then the screen will blink off. Keep on holding these keys until Android recovery logo brings up. You can slide the volume keys to select menu in recovery screen during reset procedure.
  • In order to start factory reset and clean the Nexus tablet, choose the Recovery Mode option. Then tablet will reboot slowly.
  • A red triangle shows on the screen, grip the power button and squeeze the volume up key until wipe data/factory reset option comes up. Then squeeze the power button to choose hard reset process on the tablet. Next, move the volume keys to choose this option – Yes – erase all user data and squeeze the power button.

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