How to Stop Facebook Photo Sync on Android, iPhone

A few days back Facebook has introduced new feature which lets sync photos between Smartphone and Facebook account automatically on internet. In this context, I have covered similar post how to enable Facebook photo sync on Android and iPhone. After testing new Facebook photo sync feature, most of the Smartphone users are not agree with it, because it increases security issues and endangers privacy which is a thinkable matter.

If you have started automatic Facebook photo-sync feature by mistake, then it is simple to opt out. The Facebook help center has released an easy solution of how to disable photo sync on Smartphone (Android and iOS device) inside the authorized Facebook app.

How to disable Facebook photo sync on Android ?

  • At first press the main menu in the top-left side inside the official Facebook app and tap on Account tile in underneath section.
  • Next tap on App settings tile and again tap on sync photos tile.
  • At last tap on Don’t sync my photos tile.

How to disable Facebook photo sync on iPad and iPhone ?

First Tips

  • On the timeline screen of Facebook app, tap on photos and again tap on synced tile in underneath.
  • Next tap the gear icon appears in the top-right panel and tap on Turn off photo sync .
  •  At last tap on Don’t sync my photos tile.

Second Tips

  • Launch settings app of iPhone or iPad device and tap on Privacy tile.
  • Next tap on Photos tile and toggle the Facebook settings to off.

Read details from Facebook Help Center

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