Gym Workouts Windows 8 / 10 App – Sum Up of all Exercises at Home

Gym Workouts is a free Windows 8 App. This app lets you see the well-illustrated pictures on different exercises that can be performed at Gym. There are several categories you will find here on this app like Chest, Ripped, Arms, and many others. Each category consists of the exercises to develop each part and make them strong. Gym Workouts app also tells you the correct way of performing any exercise with the help of pictures. Basically, this app acts like a trainer who will train you effectively at different exercises at your home. This is a lightweight app and runs very smoothly on your Windows devices.

Gym Workouts app consists a very neat and clean interface which is self-explanatory. All the necessary things you will find itself on the home screen. Gym Workouts app could also be run in a docked view thus allowing you multiple task while getting tips on how to improve certain exercise. The app also has support for live tiles which shows you various health tips, and this is a very welcome feature. A link has been provided at the last of this article so that you could have access to Gym Workouts app.

How to use Gym Workouts app

There are two versions of Gym Workouts app. The first one is the shorter version in which clicking on any tiles about an exercise under a category will provides you the correct procedure on how to perform that very exercise.  There might be some illustrating pictures provided too for your better understanding exercise. The another one is the Longer Version, opening which opens up an interface. A screenshot of the interface of this version is shown below:

gym workout windows 8 app

In the picture above, you can see a wide variety of exercises which are shown in various categories like: Warm Ups, Chest, Squats, Ripped, Shoulders, Legs, Stomach, Arms, etc. To get the details about any of the exercises shown in the tiles, all you have to do is to click on the category and it presents you a screen having the details on about this topic along with a picture on its right posture to do it correctly.

You can open anything which you want to learn and perform. Gym Workouts app will teach you how effectively use any exercise to keep body fit and healthy. Opening any category not only tells you the right procedure to do it and illustrating pictures but it also provides a list of instructions on how to perform the exercise correctly at the bottom of any picture. Reading Instructions and detailed Pictures combined give you a decent idea of how to do the exercise correctly. You can look for other exercise’s instructions similar to this way.

Note: There is a back button at the top-left corner of the screen. Clicking on this button will return you to the home screen of Gym Workouts app at any time of using this app. This is all which you need to know about this app. This app is also available at the Windows 8 Store.

Key Features of Gym Workouts app

  1. Provides Live tiles to make you active.
  2. Allows search contract to fetch data easily.
  3. No advertisement and other irritations.
  4. A simple and easy to use interface.
  5. Supports Docked View.
  6. Neat illustrations with relevant images.
  7. Provides the facility of sharing your workouts among your friends.
  8. Video illustrations are going to be added soon.
  9. Also supports Live Tiles.

Final Note

Gym Workouts is a nice app for those who don’t have sufficient time to go to gym and do exercises there. They can simply click on this app and learn beautiful tips on how to make themselves fit and healthy. This is really a fabulous app and one should have it if he/she loves a well shaped body. I personally love this app. Please do write your comments about this app in the space provided below.

Link: Gym Workouts Windows 8 App

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