How to activate Power button in Windows 8

When windows 8 firstly screen comes with the metro look in front of you, Then a puzzling moment for you, when finding power button (shutdown, Restart and sleep) in windows 8. A question arises in your mind where is power button in Windows 8. As you know, Windows 8 has launched metro screen window in startup and power button in start menu is missing. Therefore we are presenting tips to use power button in Windows 8.

How to activate Power button in Windows 8

First Method –


Through Charms Bar – 

  •  Type Windows Key + C shortcut on keyboard and Click Setting button at the bottom in new tab.
windows 8 charms settings panel
  • you find these Power button in More PC Setting tab at right bottom – Shutdown, Sleep or Restart.
windows 8 power tile in settings panel


If you Press Windows + I shortcut on the keyboard,  More PC Setting tab in charms bar will be displayed directly at the bottom. here you can use power action.

power button image

Second Method –

Through ALT+F4 keyboard shortcut –

  • press Alt+F4 shortcut on the keyboard.
  • Now power management dialog box is displaying following power button in new box.
  • Choose any power button and click on Ok button.
power button in windows 8

Third method –

Press ALT+Ctrl+DEL shortcut on keyboard

When you press ALT+Ctrl+DEL shortcut, then full screen window is displaying multiple menus for example, Lock, Switch User, Sign out and task manager.

  • Now you find Power button at the bottom of this window.

windows 8 power button

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One thought on “How to activate Power button in Windows 8

  1. I know about the power button on the side of the screen but when i put my mouse on it and click on it to shut my computer down it says “there are currently no power options. Why is it saying this and how do i get it working again?

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