How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10

Some people are very much eager to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10 in order to make it smoother and faster. The mouse is a key peripheral of your computer and you use it to input something. It quickly responses to your actions and executes it in faster means. But out there are certain users who prefer to modify this sensitive nature of the device. So, here, we are going to show you some really effective ways that can help you in modifying the speed of this hardware.

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Version 1703 in June last year including a feature to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10. You can accomplish the task using the built-in Settings app. Meanwhile, we present you have some other ways to do the same. Here are the methods showing you how you can change mouse sensitivity.

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10

Here is How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10 –

Way-1: Using Default Settings App

Step-1: Press Windows + I keys together in order to access default Settings program and click on Devices among other categories.

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Step-2: Select Mouse section on the left pane of the Devices settings page. Shift to the corresponding right pane and click on Additional mouse options under Related settings (see screenshot).

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Step-3: Once Mouse Properties pop-ups on the PC screen, switch to Pointer Options tab.

Step-4: In the Motion section, you can see an option and slider namely Select a pointer speed. Moving it to forward will increase the sensitivity while dragging it backward will decrease.

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Step-5: When you have reached your desired sensitivity level, hit Apply then Ok from the bottom of this dialog.

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Mouse sensitivity will be changed to the speed you are waiting for. There are few more methods to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10, let us see them also.

Way-2: Adjusting Sensitivity with Software Tweak

Latest computers are coming up with the high configuration so that game freaks can play video games on PC. Super exciting games like 1st-degree shooting or strategy games need a super sensitive mouse. There is certain software available on the net which allows the users to configure sensitivity of the mouse. Moreover, the third-party tools also let you adjust macros, light settings and so on. Remember, all these things are not supported in all computers and merely with all mice.

Way-3: Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10 with Appropriate Mouse Pad

Sensitivity and precision of a mouse sometimes vary for using a mouse pad. Some mouse pads are made with a variety of textures and the specially made ones enhance the sensitivity but those may be little expensive too. However, relatively affordable pads are also available in the market. You can buy them and experience super sensitive mouse moves.

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Way-4: Involving Registry Hack

Little modification in the registry key can also change the mouse sensitivity. This task is little complex and expert hands are preferable. The tweak might affect the default settings for other things in the computer. As a result, we prefer saving a backup. However, these given series of steps can also help you to succeed.

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Step-1: Use Win + R hotkeys to invoke Run dialog. Upon opening, type regedit in the box and press Enter key. Registry Editor will open in the first place after you agree to the UAC prompt.

Step-2: Navigate to the following path in the left pane of the Registry Editor:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

Step-3: On the right side of the desired key path, put double-click on MouseSpeed. Upon opening a popup with name Edit String, reach out to Value data section and input 2. Press Ok in order to save the change.

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Step-4: Now, change the value data for MouseThreshold1 and MouseThreshold2 to 0 putting double click on each at a time. This will set the mouse sensitivity to maximum.

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If you find it uncomfortable, you can adjust the same by changing the Value data as per preference using the above steps.

Note – Keep it in mind that you need to put MouseThreshold1 value less or equal to MouseThreshold2.

As we said before, this process may damage the functioning of certain programs in case anything goes wrong. Therefore, if you think this one is invalid for you; you may proceed to another method.

Way-5: Changing Mouse DPI Settings

Changing DPI settings affects the mouse sensitivity. Gaming mice have a dedicated key to change DPI. These provide various levels of sensitivity. However, this modification is temporary as it will revert to the previous settings once you turn Off the device.

Nowadays, the modern mice have a DPI button and you can afford it quite easily as they offer different sensitivity levels.


A mouse may be a simple hardware tool but it has great uses when talking about accessibility. It makes the job faster than using a mouse pad. Additionally, gamers need mice to experience exciting gaming in computers. Manufacturers are also releasing mice with high configuration nowadays. However, the sensitivity of a mouse is very much important not only for gaming but also for other works. We have covered all possible ways to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Windows 10. Execute any of these to adjust your settings and enjoy the desired performance.

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