How to Remove Hotmail, Windows Live Email Account in Windows 8

When Windows 8 starts, we have to cross through Windows startup login Screen every time. We have to type user account ID or name with Password of local account or Hotmail account.

windows 8 login account

There are multiple benefits to access from windows live or Hotmail account –

  • Windows 8 setting always keeps online Windows Live account or Hotmail.
  • It permits us to regularly access Windows Store apps.

But we do not have required knowledge about windows live or Hotmail account and its advantage. So we might want to delete Hotmail Account from windows 8 permanently.

Remove Windows Live or Hotmail Account in the Windows 8 

  • Click Windows key + I keyboard Shortcut in combination to open PC settings tab.
  • Now Go to link  More PC settings at the bottom and click.
 windows 8 charms tab
  • Just new tab (PC Settings) including multiple Settings options is Showing.
  • Here Click on Users tab in left side menu lists.
  • Presently hit on Switch to a local account button from the right panel.
windows 8 pc settings
  • A next window asks us to enter the password of Hotmail or Windows Live account login in Windows 8.
windows 8 login screen
  • As soon as we enter the correct password in this tab, it will deactivate either Hotmail or windows live account from your windows 8.


Suppose we have deactivated windows live or Hotmail account in windows 8 and like to login it again. then follow same tips written above.

Add Windows Live Account or Hotmail Account in the Windows 8 PC 

  • Open PC settings tab by clicking WINDOWS Key + I Shortcut and hit on More PC settings.
  • From PC settings window click on Users options.
  • Now Click on Switch to Microsoft account options. Type user Id and password
  • And now log off Windows 8 PC Once time.
  • Just then, Hotmail or Windows live account will activate in Windows 8.

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  1. thanks for complement.

  2. Thank you very much

  3. Recover your password.

  4. kevin sponagle


    unable to use my account due to passwords not working

  5. Michael Olivieri


    I followed the above directions to remove email.

    Except it says “CHANGE PC settings, NOT “more PC.”

    And of course there is no “users tab,” and none of the other steps follow the above direction!

    Please tell me how to get out of this microsoft trap of email!!

  6. Joseph, Tip is given to remove. Just follow and solve your problem.

  7. Yes, I can add e-mail account. How do I delete the account that I added?