How To Delete Friends from Facebook / Remove Permanently

Facebook, a well know social networking website, provides platform to worldwide net users to express their felling as well as thoughts to others. Adding more and more friends and putting own’s thoughts are key act which is done here. Due to expressing thoughts and following others view makes a chain of mutual understanding between group of Facebook Friends. Everything works smoothly until occurrence of wrong act like teasing other’s emotion.
In such scenario users have limit option to delete such wrong doers from Friend list of Facebook. Here question raise how it will be possible to delete friends from  Facebook? If your are looking to delete added friends of Facebook then follow these point-wise details.

  • At first,  login Facebook account
  • Now find name the friend in search box, whom you want to delete.

facebook find fiend

  • From showing  full profile of that friends ,  click on friends button in top side
  • choose Unfriend  in drop down menu.

select unfriend option

  • Here choose option – Remove from friends in next window

remove friend on facebook

  • At last, click on Okay button for removing it forever from your Facebook account friends lists.

type okay

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