How to disable automatic Windows update in Windows 7 Completely

Message of Automatic Windows is something that appears frequently at Screen when user operates their respective system. Surely, message like this is greater cause of distraction. Users try everything to disable it, but they have not a proper idea about it. To disable automatic Windows updates in Windows 7, you all have to follow either of the given methods.

First Method: –

Disable Windows Update message from  Windows Update Center:-

  1. Click on Start button, Open Control Panel and choose Window Update button from below menu list. if window update does not appear here click on link Category on the right  top sides of window. Choose small Icons and click on it. Now window update option will appear. Click on it

windows 7 automatic update tab

  1. Then Window Update tab will open and message is displayed look like below images.

 windows 7 update tab

  1. Go to  Change Setting button in left pane and click on it.

windows 7 setting

  1. Now select last option – Never Checks for Updates from tab lists (drop down). now click on OK button at the bottom.

 windows 7 change setting in tab

your problem will be solved.

Second Method:-

Users may also disable Windows 7 automatic Updates notification via accessing windows Administrator tools.

  1. Right Click on Computer Icon on desktop screen and click on Manage options.
windows 7 choose manage
2. Now  Computer Management window will be opened. Here, click on Services and applications option in left pane. Now an option services just below appears. click on it.  Many options in right pane are seen. Here, we have to find Windows Update Option. for this, you can click w on keyboard. Now the option windows update is before you.  select Window Update by clicking once. click  Stop button on left side top .

stop windows update service

Just a message shows of stopping windows Update as below image.

windows 8 stop window update process

3. Now right-click on Windows Update button. In services menu lists click on properties.  Now  Windows Update Properties tab is opened.

windows 7 properties

Click on startup type menu and select Disable option. After that click on Apply and OK button simultaneously.

window update properties tab

And now Windows 7 will not display screen messages of automatic update during internet connections.


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