How To Delete Local User Account in windows 7

Making more than one user accounts in Windows 7 beefed up the security concern of unauthorized users. Memorizing passwords of each made Local User Account is certainly a tough task. Therefore, users have no more choice than to delete Local User Accounts. So, the question arises here how to delete Local user Account when working in Windows 7 environment.

The exercise of deleting any local user accounts is described pointwise underneath this para. But remember before deleting local account important files and data from a particular accounts should be transferred to another local drive to prevent data loss. Remarks:- you must not delete default administrator account, otherwise windows 7 will corrupt and unable to restore at anyhow.

Step by Step tips for delete local user account

  • Open Control panel window
windows 7 control panel
  • choose link- Add or remove User accounts from user accounts and family Safety tab.
control panel account tab
  • Open Manage Accounts window and select opted account which you want to delete.
choose delete account
  • Now double click on opted user account (example – Super) and open change an Account tab.
  • Choose Delete the account option from here.
select delete account
  • Here, a new tab is displaying a message about taking backup or keep important files before deleting this current account.
  • you can either click on Delete Files or keep files Option in the current tab.
  •  If you select Delete Files then, there is no option to keep backup data of this current account after deleting it.
  •  Keep Files option may save data of current account before deleting.
save account data before deleting
The next tab will show confirmation of deleting account forever.
  • Click on Delete Account option. Now account has been removed from your computer.

delete account confirm in windows 7

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