How to Enable or Disable Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 8

Quick Launch toolbar on Windows 8 Taskbar is an important tool to open different programs quickly and conveniently. Actually, Quick launch button is used to run any software or Windows application directly through a shortcut from Windows 8 taskbar which you have added. It also permits you to add favorite software icons to itself to access quite easily.


If you have no idea about Windows 8 quick launch toolbar, you can follow the tips given to Enable or Disable Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 8 i.e. the program’s shortcut on this.

How to Enable or Disable Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 8

  • Go to taskbar panel on the windows screen. Hit a right-click with your mouse and opt New Toolbar in Toolbars drop down menu list.
Create quick launch tool in windows 8
  •  A new tab will display. Type the following codes in folder box at the bottom.

%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

  • Click on the option Select Folder in the current tab.
  • Now quick launch feature will be displayed in taskbar panel.

How to make customized look for Quick Launch toolbar

  • Hit right-click on the taskbar panel and uncheck the option Lock the Taskbar.
  •  Move the mouse cursor on the quick launch button and hit right-click. In the drop-down menu list, uncheck both the options – Show Text and Show Title
  • Now the user may drag quick launch toolbar wherever he wants.

Move Quick Launch tools in task pane

Enable or Disable Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 8

Disable Quick Launch tool 

Suppose you have decided to disable Quick Launch tools from the taskbar then

  • Right-click on the taskbar and uncheck this options from the menu list –  Quick Launch. 



Now the Quick Launch button vanishes from the taskbar in Windows 8.


Users may also apply these tips to Windows 7  and enable or disable quick launch button.

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