How to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot in PC, Laptop

windows 8 dual booting startup

The act of Installing or Uninstalling Software is something that an average user looking for. In the earlier article, we have discussed how to install Windows 8 on your system. Therefore, one lone issue of Uninstallation of Windows 8 is left for addressing. We all know that Microsoft has published Windows 8 beta version. The original version of Windows 8 in different editions will be released by the end of October 2012.

But if you have decided to remove Windows 8 beta version from your dual booting, you may follow the provided steps to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot.

Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot in PC, Laptop

First method –

Choose default Operating system in your computer

  • First, start Windows 7 computer. Type the following commands in the Search box – Advance System Settings.
windows 8 advance system settings
  •  Choose the option View advance System Settings from the drop down list and click on it.
  •  A new dialog box including multiple menus is open. In this, System properties will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the Advanced option and tap on the Settings button in Startup and Recovery section
windows 8 advance setting
  •  Now you see a new tab with the name Startup and Recovery. Here, you have to choose the default Operating system of Windows 7 in the drop-down list. Finally, click OK button.
windows 8 default

Removing Windows 8 from dual booting in your computer

  •  Open Disk Management tools with the help of this process – Go to the Search box and type Disk.
windows 8 disk management
  • Click the given option in search list – Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions.
  • Now Disk Management window will be displayed.  Here, you will find Windows 8 partition. Remove it via right-click.
windows 8 delete partition to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot
  • Restart your computer. Windows 8 will be erased safely without losing any files in Windows 7.

Now you have to follow this process to finish work – 

  • First, start Windows 7 on your computer.
  • Type msconfig in the search box of the Start button and click on it.
windows 8 command
  • A new window will be displayed by name System configuration.
  • Click on the Boot tab.
windows 8 system configuration
  • In the Boot tab, choose Windows 8 which is the default option at present.
  • Click on Windows 8 and press the Delete button.
windows 8 remove
  • Now Click on the OK button at the bottom and close the current window.

Thus, windows 8 would shortly vanish from your computer.

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