How to Enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10

You have read to on SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 in the earlier posts. Your different security measures for your Windows 10 computer is all to keep your system safe from all sorts of threats and outside inflictions. And so the web browsers also try to put their cent percent to protect their users from any harm. Edge brings features concerned to protection for you too. Send Do not Track and blocking all cookies the security regarding settings you can use on Edge. But In this tips, we are going to tell you how to enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10.


SmartScreen Filter is a feature in Edge browser that when enabled protects you from spoofing web pages. It also warns you when you are about to download or install any harmful software or program. When you browse any page in Edge, this feature scans the web page and looks for any malicious activity of the same web page. If it founds something doubtful, you will be warned and asked to proceed with caution. The same behavior is in the case of downloads also. So, let us walk through the steps and see how to enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10.

How to Enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10

  • Expand Edge browser on your screen. Execute a click on its icon on the taskbar and it will be opened.
Edge icon at the Windows 10 taskbar
  • Make your way to the far right of the browser and tap More actions three dotted icon.
More actions three dotted icon on Edge browser
  • From the opened sidebar, choose Settings.
Settings command from the opened sidebar
  • Come down and click View Advanced Settings button.
View Advanced Settings button under Advanced settings
  • Now, take yourself to the last slider which says Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter. Turn it on.
Enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge through slider is
  • You will now get the warning messages if any malicious are detected.

It is always advisable to turn this feature on as it is another way to protect your system and your privacy being harmed. Try out this feature and safeguard your system from any harmful attacks.

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One thought on “How to Enable SmartScreen Filter in Edge on Windows 10

  1. I have smart screen filter on and still ended up with a blue screen of death. I could tell it was a malicious site because the blue screen showed BSOD and a phone number to call. so smart filter does not catch all bad sites. I find that windows 10 overall is slow to startup and Cortana will start listening without me asking for it. this causes odd web pages to come up sent by Cortana. not good.

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