How to Enable two Fingers Scrolling in Windows 8

The two-finger scrolling is an awesome feature and makes the navigation on any page much easier. People who use Mac PCs and also use the magic trackpad are quite aware of this feature. A user has to use two fingers to vertically or horizontally scroll a webpage or a window. The users who own both the Mac and Windows PCs have to work on both and they also feel that this feature should be present in Windows 8 as well. Users who install Windows 8 on Mac get this feature by default. For other users, they have to change the default gesture settings or have to make the installations of third-party tools.

All touchpad manufacturers do not manufacture touchpads that support this feature. And if the hardware only does not support such a feature, then there is no software in the market that can make it do that work. This is the biggest disadvantage. A popular touchpad manufacturer, Synaptics manufactured a touchpad that supports this feature, but by default it is disabled. If you own this touchpad manufactured by Synaptics, then you can enable this feature. This article aims at explaining the step by step procedure of how to enable this feature on your Windows 8 PCs.

1st method: Enabling the feature of two finger scrolling without installing any third-party app.

Step 1: The first step of the procedure is to update the Synaptics driver to the latest version. The completion of the Driver installation requires the computer to be restarted.

Step 2: After the successful installation, go to the Start screen where you have to type Change Mouse Settings and change the Search filter which shows the Mouse settings entry in search result, and then press enter key. This opens the Mouse Properties dialog.

Step 3: In this dialog box, go to the Device Settings tab. that Device if the touchpad driver is installed on your PC, the Settings tab appears.

Step 4: Under Devices, go to Synaptics TouchPad and then click Settings which opens the Properties for Synaptics TouchPad.

Step 5: Going to the left side, you will see MultiFinger Gestures. Expand it, select Two-Finger Scrolling option, and then click on Apply button.

2nd method: Enabling the feature of two finger scrolling with= installing any third party app.

Step 1: Go to this Download page. Download the zip file of the Two Finger Scroll tool. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems support this third party app.

Step 2: The next step is to extract the zip file on to any desired location.

Step 3: Then Double-click on TwoFingerScroll.exe file to run the application.

The default settings on windows do not start, Two Finger Scroll and the user have to enable the option under Two Finger Scroll settings. This avoids the condition of manually launching the tool. 

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