How to Fix if You Can’t Search Files on Windows 8.1

Usually, Windows 8.1 searches files very promptly and easily. But sometimes I fail to accomplish searching activity. Actually, Indexing is responsible to search files on Windows 8.1. Search is not fetching required file indicates that the location where the file is present is not included to be indexed. So if any trouble related to search files or occurs on Windows 8.1 you will have to go through Indexing to fix. Modifying Indexing options will fix the searching problems. Here, we will discuss on How to Fix if You Can’t Search Files on Windows 8.1.


Fix Windows 8.1 Can’t Search Files

2. Start your Windows 8.1 PC and launch Control Panel (Press Windows Key and X at the same time and click on Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel Click on Indexing.

3. A new Window Indexing Options opens. Click on Modify.

How to Fix if You Can't Search Files on Windows 8.1

4. Again a new Window Indexed Locations comes up. Check the box against Local Disc (C:)

How to Fix if You Can't Search Files on Windows 8.1

5. Finally click on OK.

Return back to charm search you will get desired files or in your search result.

If you enlarge index too much large and add the whole hard drivel or a large number of folders, then searches will be sluggish and consume much time to fetch the search results to show. This makes hard drive running will take a large amount of time and more often it will run in the background at the time the index updates itself for changes made to the included folder locations.

Hope, tips to search files and folders on your will help you.

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