How to Get back a closed Paypal Account, Secure Money

paypal logoWays to retrieve back a closed Paypal account – When it comes to money and when its security is concerned, no one is better than PayPal. It is the safest website for online transactions, but it is very difficult to maintain a consistentaccount as it blocks the account even with the slightest suspect. The transactions have to be kept minimal and consistent. Even if the transactions are increased, or activities such as using number of credit and debit cards or using them more frequently causes them to suspect and blocks the account. It is a most popular website which provides regular bread to the freelancers and entrepreneurs, so if there is a sudden blockage of the account, then it becomes a huge problem. PayPal gives a clear discretion to close any account if it sees suspicion which cannot be challenged. But if the rules and regulations have been followed properly, then after much hassle, the account can be retrieved back.

Some important points to note to avoid problems

  • For a freelancer and business entrepreneur, the PayPal premier or the Business account should be used to make transactions.
  • The details in the PayPal account such as name, contacts and address should always be correctly entered to avoid confusion.
  • The provider of online services should get in contact with their customers to get their problems resolved.
  • The online stores must provide full, detailed and correct information regarding the ‘terms of use’ and ‘return policy’.
  • The user must become very familiar with the PayPal terms and conditions and must in no case deviate from them during making transactions.
  • Problems later if arise will be easily solved if the freelancers create a draft of the agreement of the details at the beginning.
  • Always original debit and credit cards and debit cards and never pre-paid cards should be used for account verification and transactions.
  • Only one account should be maintained at one time. Using more than one account with different names and money transactions between them may lead to suspicion and may ultimately get the account closed.
  • The PayPal has certain options like tax number and citizenship number of the country which must be correctly filled to clarify the identity.

How to get PayPal account back

  • Polite appeals should be made to the executives, and the required documents should be provided properly. Honesty in appealing is the key in getting the closed account back.
  • A detailed e-mail appealing to the PayPal is to be created and sent which would include the following:
  1. The explanation of using the PayPal account.
  2. Reasons of why the account was shut down.
  3. Reasons explaining why the decision of PayPal was a wrong one.
  4. It must be clearly stated that the original documents can be clearly viewed by the PayPal.
  5. The correct name, address and the contact details should be entered.
  • Numerous people send PayPal for reviewing their closed account. So, it takes time for reviewing the mail, so patience must be kept.
  • If a generic mail is not issued within 2-3 days then, a call or a written letter can be sent to PayPal.
  1. PayPal Executive Office: executive office [at]
  2. PayPal Webform Email: webform [at]

Persistence and patience always pays in getting any work done so , if honesty prevails then victory is sure to come.

Website Address of Paypal Account – Click here

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