Locate Indian Train Status with Indian Train Locator Android App

Railway is the largest means of communication in India. Hundreds of trains run from one corner to other, one part to other, one state to other daily here. Even It is the lifeline or backbone for communication. Millions of people travel daily on trains. Train also saves a lot of time of people by running on accurate time. So, it is important to know its Status. To know train status saves not only time but also from disquiet.

This android app is attractive and remarkable and shows the current status of running train in India. It is freeware app for android devices. You can find out accurate spot of running train through this app in your android device. Even you can report your friend status of that train on which he is running. This app support android device to provide actual status.

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How to search running Train Status

At first, you need to know following information to find out running train status –

  • Name of Train
  • Train Number
  • Code of Destination Station or its Name
  • Code of Passing-by Station or its Name

Download link of Indian Train Locator App

You can also get details Information from below useful videos:

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