How to Install and Access Pandora Windows App in Windows 8, 10

At present time, Pandora is known for providing online radio services. It helps to listen to music on demand along with quick access to search preferred music. If you have installed Windows 8 freshly and want to access Pandora radio inside metro screen then Pandora Windows app is the best option. To access Pandora windows app, firstly you have to sign in to Pandora account app and synchronize your radio stations. This app has been designed with a stylish interface, user-friendly, and quick streaming facility. It also helps to include new radio stations into library and stream new music through the inbuilt media player.

Important update: Pandora does not exist in Windows Store now. So the users who want the application may visit:

Windows 8 user can download Pandora Windows app from Windows Store with freeware edition.

How to download Pandora Windows app

  • At first, press shortcut (Windows key+ Q) to launch search windows of Windows 8 charms bar.
  • Then type keyword “Pandora windows” in the search box and hit on windows store button.
  • Now you will get instant search results. Here choose the app in Windows 8 store page.
  • Next click on Install button to start the downloading procedure.
How to Install and Access Pandora Windows App in Windows 8 image 5

How to access Pandora Windows app in Windows 8


  1. Sorry Chaz. Pandora in Windows store is no more. I am updating the article for imminent visitors.

  2. This article should be updated or removed. I have a Surface Pro 3 and I am frustrated that there is no true Pandora app. I have searched thoroughly and there is no Pandora Windows or PRadio. The link that Asish provided is dead.

    We need a solution to this

  3. Pandora seems to not be listed in the Windows 8.1 app store, or at least is suffering terribly from being able to pop up from search key words. I type in “Pandora” and get 820 hits. I try browsing through those hundreds of hits and can’t find it. I try “Pandora Windows” and get 14 search result hits, and none of them are from Pandora Media. Pandora, you need to fix! I’m willing to pay, willing to download the app, but can’t find the app. Fail.

  4. Asish Varghese


    Great article but it needs to be updated. This app is now called PRadio not Pandora Windows and there a lot of cool features.

    To download the app from the windows store please visit Internet Explorer.