How to Post Facebook Images or Videos Directly

The word Facebook has become synonymous with the expression of thoughts. Like-minded people come on a common background to express themselves and get know the opinion of other people. This activity of posting has got much easier.

While surfing the Internet, we come across many videos or images which we feel our friends should also see. So, we usually download it, then upload it on Facebook. This is a very hectic job as it consumes a lot of time to download and then upload. If we, ourselves want to store that image or video, then download is required, but if posting is only the goal, then by directly copying the image or the video URL in the upload page, these can be uploaded. These are the simple steps to be followed:

Post Facebook Images or Videos Directly

  • While browsing the content if any clever search is found then, right-click the image or the video and click on copy image URL or from YouTube, play the video, right-click it and click on copy video URL at the current time.
  • On the Facebook page click on add Photo/Video and then click on Upload Photo /Video
capture facebook videocapture youtube video
  • Click on chose file and when the dialog box appears, right-click and Paste the image/video URL.
capture video
  • Now, click Open.
  • The last thing left is to give a very interesting or a mass appealing caption to grab the attention.

Now, this easy step can make you a virtual star on Facebook.

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