How to reset your Android phone to factory settings step by step

Android OS occupies a large share of smartphone market. A large number of popular third-party mobile companies sell Android installed cell phones. Thus, the ways and means to reset factory settings in various handsets might differ. These ways depend on what handset are you using or even the version of your OS. Given here is a common procedure to reset your factory settings in an Android phone.

(i) Hit the settings icon on your home screen-Although the settings icon may vary in each phone, it is agreed that almost every phone has the settings option available on the home screen or somewhere on the phone.

(ii) The factory reset option is always present in the settings section. It may however be present in any of the two given subsections

(a) Privacy settings
(b) SD and Phone storage settings

(iii) Check out both these sub sections and look for the option ‘Factory Data Reset’. Once you locate this option, hit the ‘Reset Phone’ option which will delete all data and turn your handset as it was when it came out of the factory or manufacturing.

(iv) If you are not sure as to what all will deleted when your reset to factory settings then carefully go through the warning message that is displayed before the phone is reset to factory settings. If you are okay with it then confirm the process by selecting ‘Erase Everything’. This will delete all data and reset your phone to factory settings.

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