How to update Android phone manually

Software updates for Android phones are usually automated and they start up itself. Yet you have the option to upgrade your phone manually. Listed below are the steps which will guide through the process of manual upgradation:-

(i) On the home screen of your phone, hit the apps option.

(ii) Then select the settings option.

(iii) At the bottom of the settings option, you will find another option called ‘About phone’.

(iv) If at all an upgrade is available the update option will be present. On selecting that option the phone will start downloading the software files. After the download is complete, click on the install button and the software will be installed.

However, keep two things in mind while updating your android software. Firstly, upgrades consume a lot of time, battery power and often require you to restart your phone. So, start an update only when you don’t need the phone for other tasks. Secondly, upgrade should always be done on at least 50% battery power. For if you run an upgrade on low power then you might risk damaging your phone if it switches off while installing your new software update.

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