How To Set Images and Use Colored Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Colorful Tabs is a newly added Add-On of Mozilla Firefox. Using this very new app,  Your tabs would be colorized automatically the moment you wish to open a new window. Not only this, but You could also use its feature to select an Image for any particular tab as the background. There are so many exciting settings provided by this app using which you can make your Mozilla look cool. Colorized tabs could also be used to remember exactly on which tab you are doing what in less time.

You can also choose color by yourself for any of the tabs you have opened on your Mozilla Firefox. The Control is totally in your hands which allows you to play with this according to your own will.

How To Use this Extension On Firefox

Open Your Firefox Browser and go to the settings. There You find the Add-On option. Click on it and then select Extension. Search it here for Colorful Tabs. Alternatively, you can also follow the link provided at the last of this article.

You will find “Add to Firefox” message here on the new window. Clicking on it will ask for installing this app. Click on Install and when the install finishes, restart your Browser. This is it. Now every time you click on new tab it will open a new tab with a new color. A screenshot of this Add-On is shown below:


How To Set Images and Use Colored Tabs in Mozilla Firefox


If You wish to change the settings of this app, go to the extension as indicated in the above paragraph and click on the options of Colorful tabs. There you would find various settings that could be changed easily. A screenshot of its settings is shown below:


How To Set Images and Use Colored Tabs in Mozilla Firefox


In the above-shown figure, you can see yourself that you have lots of settings that you can improve according to your own will. I will explain some of them and find others on your own as they are very easy to use.
  1. General: It helps in letting you use the default case or use the colored tabs in which color would be changed randomly each time you press a new tab.
  2. Style Tab: It is shown in the above screenshot, where you can tick against the boxes which you like to be present in your browser as for example, you can highlight the tab on which you are working by ticking against its box.
  3. Presets Tabs: It is just for choosing the color in advance for any new tab which is going to be opened next.
  4. Tweak Tabs: It is there which can be used to put a new color for the background or enable the texts to be glowing.


Colorful Tabs is a very interesting app which one must try. It helps you in recognizing the tab on which you were working effectively. It is a must try app. If you have any query do ask us in the comment box.

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