Ice Crystals PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

About Ice Crystals PREMIUM theme for Windows 10 and the ways to download install and apply the same as desktop wallpaper.

Ice Crystals PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Those who take a few moments out to observe and appreciate how artistic, admirable and beautiful can certainly love the all-new Ice crystals Premium. It is a recently brought out theme for Windows 10. It is a set of 15 high-quality images showing off the perfection components of natures- even once as simple as ice. The photographs in the theme are close up images of the finesse of frost and you can use it as desktop wallpapers.

Seriously, have you ever stopped to take a look at one of those ice crystals, we’d recommend you to, some-time. Images with frosty swirls and elaborate patterns are just so beautiful. Further, if you are an admirer of artistic and creative stuff, you’ll still find these greatly admirable. One could be astonished at the perfection of swirls and elaborate patterns that frost turns into. So, let’s now discuss how you can get the Ice Crystals Premium theme for Windows 10.

Ice Crystals Premium

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to download and set this beautiful theme on your PC.

  1. Simply follow the link here to the official page of this wallpaper set.
  2. Click on the blue Get button you can see there. This will automatically open the Microsoft store’s Ice Crystals PREMIUM Theme page.
  3. Click on Get button you can see on the Theme page in Microsoft store window again.
  4. Let the theme download, it may take a few moments.
  5. Click on Apply once the theme is downloaded and the Personalization settings will automatically open-up.
  6. Finally, click on the Ice Crystals Premium Theme’s banner for Windows to apply the theme.

Alternatively, in the taskbar search box, type Store. Open it. In Microsoft Store, search for Ice Crystals Premium and press enter.

More about the Theme for Windows 10

It is a collection of 15 images showcasing the beauty of frost- all in unique, catchy and admirable patterns and swirls. The theme weighs about 26.34 MB. The images only serve as desktop wallpapers. The entire set is freely available to download- grab it while you can!

System requirements for Ice Crystals Premium Theme for Windows 10 –

The following are basic system requirements for the Ice Crystals Premium theme.

  • The computer operating system needs to be Windows 10 version 14951.0 or higher
  • The Architecture must be x86, x64, ARM.

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