Increase Android Phone Volume in Just one hit with Bass Volume Booster

The recent application which Google play has launched is about enabling your Android Phone with better and louder sound option named as Bass Volume booster. Bass Volume booster enables your Android Phone to increase the volume by just hitting a single button. It’s no more about searching the various settings to increase the volume. It simply saves our time and avoid from annoyance by penetrating in the various menus and then doing settings for various sound options. The app simply increases the volume and quality of sound with a single hit.

Moreover it is very easy to operate the app by just following certain steps:

  1. First we will open Bass volume booster and hit the sound button and wait for sound optimization of various processes. The maximum volume would be enabled simply by minimizing it.
  2. If someone feels to close the app, there is no fear for changing the various settings as close the app and settings in the Smartphone gets restored to previous values.
Bass Volume Booster

You can simply adjust the phone volume by hitting the hardware of the phone or else through the various phone’s menus. Bass volume booster proves useful to the phones which don’t have volume settings and options for various sound allocations (alarm, notification, etc.)

The Bass Volume booster will enable the increment in the volume of all seven sounds streams available in the phone.

  • Alarm sound volume
  • Keypad dialing volume
  • Music sound volume
  • Notification sound volume
  • Ring sound volume
  • System sound volume(low battery and others)
  • Voice call volume

The Bass volume Booster will enhance the sound quality and volume in all this options given ahead. The app will not damage the hardware by increasing the volume as it is designed so (the speakers will not be affected). One should forward and use this App.

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