Inkscape 1.0 is Available to Download

An open-source vector editor went through three years of diligence development and the team has finally introduced Inkscape 1.0. The software is accessible for users across the world to download and enjoy in more than 20 languages. Currently, it is available for Windows, Linux, with a smooth, and high-performance experience; whereas macOS will have a better system integration. However, macOS users will notice this latest version labeled as “preview”, indicating the additional improvements are scheduled for the next versions. See – CorelDRAW Windows 10 App Microsoft Store Version.

Freely available to download, Inkscape 1.0 has new bells and whistles, freestyle drawing, canvas flexibility, duplicate guides, and some additional interesting features. So explore the below section and find out the way to grab this amazing software. Let’s start –

Download Inkscape 1.0

Here is How to Download Inkscape 1.0 –

  1. Navigate to this link and you will find download options for any of the three operating systems.
  2. Among GNU/Linux and Windows, choose the one for which you prefer to download.
  3. Whereas clicking on macOS will start downloading the file in disk image (dmg).

Linux – An executable file and Distribution-independent snap package are available.

Windows – Provides two options for 32-bit and 64-bit architecture respectively.

Some important feature of Inkscape new version

  1. Theming support and more new customization options.
  2. Better HiDPI (high resolution) screen support.
  3. Native support for macOS with a signed and notarized .dmg file.
  4. Coordinate origin in the top left corner by defa.ult.
  5. Canvas rotation and mirroring.
  6. On-Canvas alignment of objects.
  7. Split view and X-Ray modes.
  8. Power Pencil for drawing editable stuff, using variable-width stroke with a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet.
  9. New PNG export options.
  10. Integrated centerline tracing for vectorization of line drawing.
  11. Searchable Symbols dialog.
  12. New Live Path Effect (LPE) selection dialog.
  13. Offset LPE and Measure Segments LPE, New Corners (chamfer or Fillet) LPE, Boolean Operation LPE (lossless).
  14. Path operations, deselection of a large number of paths as well as grouping/ungrouping are much faster now.
  15. Much improved text line-height settings.
  16. Variable fonts support (only if united with pango library version >= 1.41.1).
  17. Browser-compatible flowed text.
  18. Extensions programming interface updated, with many new options.
  19. Python 3 support for extensions.

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