Install leaked Facebook Home APK on Android Device

Facebook Home is definitely a cool application for Android version Smartphones. According to sources, it will be launched on 12 April 2013 officially and bring special features to Google lovers.

Apart from any other social applications for Android, Facebook Home targets to overtake the Android home screen with abundant relative cover notifications. After adding Facebook home it will display the most important updates from your news feed on the screen in the right side regularly. Related Post: How to use Facebook Graph Search for Website – Key Tips

How to Install leaked Facebook Home APK on Android Device

How does Facebook Homework?

While you unlock your lock screen, Facebook Home will send people updates immediately. It allows you to know the whole Facebook actions your friends at any time. The center of the Facebook Home application focus is on text updates including friend’s profile picture in the left side. Whenever someone shares something online, Facebook will present a summary of his activities. This application offers a powerful algorithm that scans each notification and filters only the most important. One of the best features of Facebook Home application is it will send updates on the right side of the lock screen in order to save Android phone’s battery backup.

facebook home app


Another cool feature of Facebook Home app is known Chat Heads. When you get a chat invitation during playing any game on your Android phone, same time Facebook will display a circular icon on the right side of the game screen which can be moved anywhere on the screen. If you tap on a circular icon, it will start a pop up window. The window contains the history of the chat message where you can reply and continue Facebook chatting.

Download and Install Leaked Facebook Home APK:

Facebook Home Android launcher app namely Facebook Home APK has been leaked and is present to be downloaded in the Google Play store. It will support Android handsets which do not run in more than 1280 by 768 pixels screen resolution.

The leaked Facebook Home app is available in three parts.

Main Facebook app (katana)

Integrated Package (SMS Messenger app (orca)

Home / Launcher shell app (home)

  • At first, uninstall the previous Facebook app and its related similar app.
  • Reboot the Android phone.
  • Launch Google Play in the browser and install Facebook app again from Google Play Store.
  • Now download the following three files on the device and install them carefully.

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