How To Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC

Method To Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC. Remix OS is a popular and free operating system based on Android that provides users an eye-catching and sleek desktop design. The OS allows users to run either of 1.6 million applications from the storehouse of Google play. The program’s sleek design refreshes the feel of personal computers. It’s multitasking features enhance functionality and simplify to run the tools. The Software is available for both Mac and Windows PC devices.

This article offers you certain information that will assist to install Remix OS on Windows 10 PC.

Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC

With a view to Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC, you will require a PC or tablet. To fulfill this need, we will be practicing with a Windows 10 tab Lenovo Yoga 2. Furthermore, a USB OTG adapter or USB key (with at least 8GB of storage).

How To Install Remix 2.0 OS on Windows 10 PC

Deactivate Boot Security

Step 1 – Begin the process by downloading Remix OS from the official website (in the 32-bit version).

Step 2 – Once downloading of Remix OS finishes, it is necessary to disable secure boot. Windows 10 users can carry out this by navigating to Settings (represented by the cog icon on Start) => Update & Security => Recovery => Advanced Start ==> Restart now.

Step 3 – After the PC reboots, lead to the path Troubleshooting => Advanced Options => Change UEFI firmware settings. Locate the Safe boot parameter on UEFI and furthermore, disable it.

Moving ahead Install Remix OS on your USB key and then power off the tablet.

Install Remix OS from Your USB Key

Step 4 – Exert Pressure on power and volume buttons and keep hold and allow the device to power up.

Step 5 – Choose boot menu after then UEFI USB. Wait approximately 30 seconds and let the Remix OS boot with data backup. Have patience – the first boot may take some time, but your next boot will be faster.

Step 6 – Subsequent to the Remix OS boots, a web page will launch itself, suggesting to download a file moreover install it. Pursue the on-screen directions to complete the installation.

Restart New Remix OS System

Step -7 – Once the installation ends up, perform a system reboot (shutdown afterward boot as done earlier). Now, you can grab either of the Google services existing online (the APK Play Store will permit you to download and enjoy games).

Noteworthy that you may modify the language settings selected whilst installation, but options are at present bound to English or Chinese.

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