Is Dialvetica App a better Choice for iOS Devices than Phone App?

The biggest debate these days is whether the native “Phone” app which is dedicated to the iOS device will see its presence or will it be completely replaced by the more recent Dialvetica app. Steve Jobs said during the introduction of iPhone in 2007 that a killer app would be the one which would make calling easier. At, that time making calls from a smartphone was really very difficult. So, in this context the native Phone app was launched. But, the days saw the homecoming of the new app Dialvetica and let us see whether it can beat Phone or not.
A small intro to the Native Phone App: This native app was just an addition to the family of the existing apps which all had the same type of features. The same placement of large buttons, big top bars and the menu options and this surely made a user quite friendly with the app.

Accessing the contacts, voice mail, keypad and, most importantly, your favorites, which are the people who call most often was much easier. There was nothing new or exciting for the iPhone users.

A small intro to the Dialvetica App: The app basically had one main function which was to access the contacts very fast. It was developed by the Mysterious Trousers. The clutter which usually comes while checking the contacts has been removed partially because of the design of the screen which usually gave a very good feel. The actions are performed almost immediately. The main screen opens up and shows all the recent or the most favourite contacts along with the actions performed such as a call has been made or received. Actions can also directly be executed from this screen directly.

dialvetca vs phone app for iphone, ipad

The customized keyboard also has its own importance. The space bar and all the other useless buttons are usually avoided which gives the contacts more space. The app also learns the frequency of the calls made and usually displays all the contacts orderly. Even, it there is an utter requirement to ultimately see the contact name, then dialing the one or two alphabets will surely filter the results instantly.

Dialing is made much easier which can be made via a dial button. Pressing the contact name for the long time will show all the settings which can be edited. Overall, this is an all an all app for the ones who are frequent callers and make most calls on the move.

Ultimate verdict: If you have been an ardent user of the native Phone app and are accustomed to all the features of it, then you might face some difficulty in adapting to Dialvetica. But, if you want to make more frequent calls and work faster, then no one can beat Dialvetica.

Hope you liked my verdict. Do keep giving your valuable comments.

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