Will Bill Gates Predictions on Android and iPad be true?

The world’s no. 1 tycoon and philanthropist Bill gates makes a prediction that the Android and the iPad users will get such frustrated due to the devices that they would start using the Tablet PCs instead. This is all due to the utter limitations that these devices place while users are at work.
Microsoft has been in the market since times immemorial and has created a great impact in the world of business. The Microsoft office had been a head turner. The spreadsheets, Word, PowerPoint, Excel were like boon to the people who worked in companies, it made their work easier. But, with the advent of the Android and Apple devices, these devices seemed to have taken the world into mainstream entertainment. The office people also purchased it, just to fulfill their entertainment but could not do their office work due to absence of Office.

Bill Gates claimed three years back that there was nothing special about the iPad which he seemed he should had added into any of his device. The estimated total sales of the tablets were 253 million in past April 2010 and iPad consisted of 141m. The Surface tablets by Microsoft, Surface RT or Surface Pro sold less than two million products. In such cases Mr. Gates, we wonder whether your predictions will be true or not.

Gates showed some of the problems which he faced in China. He could not expand his business over there due to the high level of the piracy, he faced over there which was absent in the rest of the World and held his revenues in this part of the world. He also focused on the success of Windows 8 and said that it is a way to distinct between the tablet and the PC.

Bill Gates straightaway quoted regarding the Android and the iPads, “they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there”. This straightaway shows an implication that it would not be long before the PC tablet hybrids would boom up in the market.

The sales of the Surface boomed in the first quarter of 2013 when nearly 900,000 devices were bought. This was about 1.9% of the share. But, Microsoft decides to enter tough competition from June with the entry of a new & inch tablet to its family.

Bill Gates also focused on various aspects of running a Software company. He said that the software should be done both on clients and deep services, the business strategies should be unique, which is the strong point for Microsoft. The software business is a sure shot success one if you have the right mix of all the required elements.

In an interview he was also asked to focus on the growing business problems in China. About 77% of all the Windows products used there are pirated which puts a straight impact on the business of Microsoft. Gates answered that China showed high levels of piracy, but in the rest of the world, government institutions, state-owned enterprises and large businesses own original Microsoft products. These he said are the challenges which have to be faced with utter determination and dedication and they are working towards it.

You have a long way to go, Mr. Gates.

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