Microsoft to Reveal Windows Blue pricing, Availability in Coming Weeks

After the windows 8 release, Microsoft has declared for new update by confirming it as Windows Blue (code name) publicly in March 2013. But the Microsoft is stepping forward to provide the information all about the windows update that is going to be released in future. Tami Reller is the CFO of the Microsoft Windows, has given few more information on Blue Project Development.
Reller confirms that Windows Blue is not the exact name that has to decide yet. It is the internal name and company has yet to update it. It has yet to decide the exact pricing and package details. In any way, Windows 8 update version i.e, Windows 8.1 has been linked to a number of news that is leaked. The new version is going to be released in the coming weeks. She says that Microsoft is concentrating on three important areas that is the touch vision, addressing feedback, and new form factors.
One of the major areas of Windows 8 that it has been criticized is related to old Start menu button, Start menu and its use on a non-touch PC. So Microsoft is looking forward to the problem and wants to make change in the new release. Although Microsoft is not giving an exact list of customers feedback, Reller accepted that the company has listened to the problem with the start button. so company is going through the problem and listening to their people, she adds
Still, Reller doesn’t confirm that Start button is going to return in Windows 8, but sources close to Microsoft’s Windows Blue revealed that the company will include Start button in the final released version. In the coming weeks, you can see the company is preparing how to best communicate its upcoming Windows changes. Reller said Microsoft has got many feedback from the businesses on what are the requirement they would like to see in Windows Blue. Microsoft also hopes to add a boot to desktop option in Windows Blue.
Microsoft is also checking for an update in the Windows Blue is 7 and 8-inch form factors, although it is not yet mentioned and addressing the feedback could be a critical. Before the release of Windows Blue, there may be some of these types of tablets will arrive in the market in the coming months.  Microsoft is working on a new product which runs on OEMs using Windows 8 and Windows RT.  As said by CFO of Microsoft that windows blue will best that make the change for those small screen devices. Microsoft has confirmed from the product to our pricing and offerings that it is supporting to 7- and 8-inch devices specifically.
As you know that demand for Windows tablets is low and it is difficult to predict whether it is due to a lack of touch-based hardware or high price points. But Microsoft believes that there will be an increase in demand for 7- and 8-inch Windows-based devices.


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