KB5010795 Windows 11 update rolled out with important changes

New patch KB5010795 for Windows 11 changes, bug fixes, known issues, direct download link, and ways to install.


Update Packages are released to different Windows versions just after a few days of the January security patch arrival. These include KB5010795 for Windows 11 increasing the build to version 22000.438. Non-security patches focus on improving overall user experience, OS functionality and addressing known issues occurred after installing KB5009566 and earlier.

A chief highlight of this particular update is the addressing of one of the ongoing issues that had been affecting the VPN connections. We have covered earlier in this regard, How to Fix VPN KB5009543 Problem in Windows 10.  In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the improvements and bug fixes rolled out through this quality patch of 17 January 2022. Also, we’ll discuss the known issues and the different ways through which you can get the update KB5010795 for Windows 11.

Out of band update KB5010795 Windows 11 changes and bug fixes

Here is the changelog –

Changes and bug fixes

  • As mentioned before, one of the key highlights of this particular is the potential solution to certain ongoing VPN issues. KB5010795 attempts to resolve a glitch that would sometimes cause IP Security (IPsec) connections containing a Vendor ID to fail. It was also noted that certain VPN connections that use IP security Internet Key Exchange, in short, IPSEC IKE or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) might also get affected.
  • Another important improvement KB5010795 is that it also addresses an issue that would interrupt removable media formatted with the aid of the Resilient File System (ReFS) while mounting. This problem also might cause the removable media to mount in the RAW file format. The bug was noticed to be occurring after getting the 11/01/2022 Windows update on a system.

Known issues

Currently, there is just one known issue with this patch, as explained below:


Certain image editing tools are showing problems in rendering colors correctly on some High Definition Resolution displays after the upgradation or installation of Windows 11. The problem was frequently observed with white color which displays in bright yellow or other similar scale colors. This issue was noticed to be occurring when certain color-rendering Win32 APIs end up with an error or unexpected information under specific conditions. This doesn’t seem to affect all color profile management programs. Furthermore, note that color profile options that are available on the Windows 11 Settings page and Microsoft Color Control Panel is supposed to function correctly.


As of now, no workaround has been indicated for this issue. However, the developers have assured that they are working on the issue. One of the upcoming updates that are supposed to roll out by the end of January or in Feb is expected to address the same.

How to download KB5010795 on Windows 11 and install

In case you don’t get this patch automatically on your system, here are a couple of methods to ensure that you got this update.

1] Via Windows Settings

  1. Press Windows + I.
  2. Navigate to – Update & security -> Windows update.
  3. Click on the – Check for updates.
  4. Allow the system to complete the installation.
  5. Restart the PC.

2] Through Microsoft Update Catalog

As you probably know the Microsoft update Catalog is a website that is a storehouse to all the update patches made available for Windows. You can visit the website and search for KB5010795 using the search. If you see multiple listings for the same patch, you can download the ones that are listed for your specific system architecture.

Go to the KB5010795 direct download link.

Now follow – How to Download and Install Update from Microsoft update catalog on Windows 11/10.

That’s all!

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