KeePass 1.40 brings Several big changes in performance and feature

Latest KeePass 1.40 version brings many changes to the performance, interface, and features.

KeePass 1.40

Keeping so many credentials in remembrance is a difficult task furthermore when strong passwords are mandatory due to security reasons. The solution is password manager that may relieve you by storing the passwords in its database and generating complex groups of characters and alphabets. One of the best and feature rich tools in this regard is KeePass having a simple user interface. KeePass 1.40, a new version of the utility has entered the technology world with a buzz because of big changes in various components.

KeePass 1.40 version brings performance improvements and UI enhancements, and several other minor new changes. Even the default configuration file is edited to adjust the improvements. Furthermore, the new version of KeePass has added changes to bypass the SmartScreen warning on Windows, database file information dialog, faster performance, Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.78.0, and a lot more. This is a stable release therefore it is recommended to upgrade the software to adjust the compatibility.

KeePass 1.40 changes

Here is the changelog –

  1. Signatures and Hashes are accessible for integrity checking, and program binaries are digitally signed (Authenticode). Additional translations are also available.
  2. You can see the list of comparisons between the current KeePass 1.40 and 2.49 here.

Comparison between 1.39 and 1.40


  1. On most Windows systems, AES-KDF is now onwards about 3 times as fast as before.
  2. The new version KeePass 1.40 added database file information dialog to be prompted during creating a new database.
  3. The title will be copied to clipboard during double-clicking the title cell of an entry within the main entry list while pressing the Shift key continuously.


  1. Default configuration file is changed.
  2. Different CHM file improvements.
  3. Upgraded to make libraries version 1.78.0 better.
  4. file overwriting improvements in Installer.
  5. installer is upgraded.
  6. Several code optimizations.
  7. Many other minor improvements.


  1. No bugfixes are included in this version.

Download link for Download KeePass 1.40

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