KeepInMind Windows 8/10 App – Improve Memory Power with Fun

KeepInMind is an awesome Windows 8/10 App for brain exercise to improve memory power. This is a  Simple game everyone can play to boost his memory with fun. In beginning KeepInMind shows 3 numbers on 3 different blocks on a board and after a few seconds the numbers hide. Players have to remember the sequence of numbers and After it becomes hidden, they have to click on the numbers in ascending order. In this way, the player remembers the order of numbers and unintentionally he puts stress on his memory to solve the game. The whole process magically improves memory of the player even with fun and enjoyment. Initially, the game is very easy and gradually becomes harder and harder as the Level increases.

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Interface of KeepInMind Windows 8/10 App is clean and cool. The app homepage displays only 5 options with play button makes it so simple and straightforward. Clear, cool app design makes it attractive.

KeepInMind App GamePlay

KeepInMind 4 Game levels – Easy, Medium, Hard, Unreal denote the increasing toughness of game. Each level contains 10 games. and each game becomes harder from the previous one due to the number of digits successively increases.

Left side of the app screen shows time, level, and tries and right side shows a board on which different numbers are put. Game Player remembers the position of numbers in ascending order. After time shows Zero and numbers become hidden Player clicks on the circle where numbers were situated.

As the game goes harder you get more time to remember digits positions and number of digits increases as well. Each success sends to the next game level.

Player gets two opportunities to solve the game and failure in both try lowers your level. 3 wins raise one level.

How to use KeepInMind Windows 8/10 App to Improve Memory Power

Using KeepInMind app is quite easy and interesting. Follow the tips to Practise with this app:

1. Install KeepInMind from the link given at the bottom part of this post and launch.

2. Opening this app launches Homepage.

KeepInMind Windows 8 App - Improve Memory Power with Fun

Here 4 levels are available – Easy, Medium, Hard, and Unreal. You find Medium, Hard, and Unreal are locked. This is because your first task is to compete Easy. When you solve all problems in Easy  Level Medium automatically opens. In the same way, Hard opens after solving all problems in Medium Level. This rule will also be applicable to Hard and Unreal. So start playing with Easy. Click on Easy.

3. Hitting on easy opens the Easy page. 3 numbers are present in different blocks on the board and time is decreasing on the right side of the screen. Decreasing Time being shown on the screen tells the player to remember digits in respective order before it becomes zero. When time shows zero, start playing the game.

KeepInMind Windows 8 App - Improve Memory Power with Fun

Remember the digits block with sequence. In the first level after 6 seconds, these digits become wrapped and you can’t see. After it becomes hidden Click on numbers circle in ascending order one by one.

If you have restored digits accurately, a message will pop up written Congratulation, you have a great process!. Click on close and try for the next problem.

If you have click on the wrong circle a message will pop up written You got the wrong try again! So try next time to solve the problem. Here click on close and try again for the same.

4. After succeeding in the first problem Click on Close and next will be ready for you. Repeat the process. After you have successfully chosen the correct circles 3 times you will get 4 digits. In this manner, you will successively get 5 digits, 6 digits, and so on.

When you complete the Easy Level Medium level comes before you. Try in the same way. Enjoy and boost memory power.

 KeepInMind App Key Features

1. Totally Free app and has no pro version.

2. Clutter Free interface as no advertisement is placed.

3. Simple and Easy to play.

4. Lightweight having only 2.20 MB.

5. Very Effective brain Exercise to boost mind power, Memory.


KeepInMind Windows 8/10 App is an amazing tool to improve your memory and mind power with fun without any so called complex exercises and meditations. Main beauty of this app is you unknowingly put pressure on your memory to recall numbers places. When I see this app I was amazed by its conceptions and modus. I hope you will like this app.

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