Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 / 10 Apps – Perfect Tool to Teach Infants

Kids Advanced Tutor is a Windows 8 app to teach your kids in an interesting way with fun. This app is so much easy, simple, and attractive. All the teaching materials are according to their need and appended with beautiful pictures of animals, fruits, cartoon characters, and dolls. You can teach your infants  Alphabets from A to Z specified with a vowel, consonant, small and capital letters, Number, Currencies of 5 different countries, Shapes of geometrical objects and various Colors using this app with fun. Developer of Kids Advanced Tutor app has cherished all learning materials that kids will never get bored or bothered while they are learning.

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Interface of Kids Advanced Tutor App is highly polished and soothing. Apps design is too cool to attract children towards itself. Apps design and graphics are very fascinating, sleek and decorated in the way that will draw kids attention. You can view in this screenshot:

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 Apps - Perfect Tool to Teach Infants

Kids Advanced Tutor Apps Features

Once you install Kids Advanced Tutor on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC you can see a board having 5 categories or you can tell subject – Alphabet, Number, Currency, Shapes, and Colors.

Click on the Category which you want to teach Toddlers.

Alphabet: Open Alphabet to teach letters either small or capital, Consonant, Vowels with fascinating images.

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 Apps - Perfect Tool to Teach Infants

Numbers: Launch the Category Numbers to make the kids learn about numbers from One to Ten. All these numbers are presented with images of the Animals and attractive materials that could bind children’s attention toward these.

Currency: You can teach kids about currencies of 5 countries Rupees, Riyal, Dollar, Pound, and Euro. In each section, you find different paper notes and coins with images these countries use.

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 Apps - Perfect Tool to Teach Infants

Shape: Tad could recognize different shapes using this category as Line, Square, Pentagon, Rectangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval and Star, triangle with the help of awesome pictures of various items from this part of apps.

Color: This section will educate them about different colors Red, Blue, Brown Black, Rose, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, and violet. Each color page has similar color with attractive pictures interesting animals, fruits

How to use Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 App

Using this app is very simple and easy.

1. After completion of the installation homepage of this app opens before you. On this page you find index having name of the subjects written above. Click on the item which you want to teach kids.

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 Apps - Perfect Tool to Teach Infants

2. After navigating to subject you find set of various topics. For example, if you have opened Alphabet, you can see set of all the topics (all letters with images, capital letter, small letters) in thumbnail view. In Number section, you can see set of numbers and in the same way Currency page shows sets of currencies of the countries you want to teach your kid. So click on the respective topic you are going to teach.

4.  Click on the thumbnail you want open. Every item opens in a new page. Use Scrollbar to see the whole matter in the pages.

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 App Key Features

1. Design is so cool.

2. Learning Materials are adequate and Pictures are very attractive.

3. Very simple and easy to use.


I would give it full marks for everything in this app whether it is design, topics, or materials in this app. Materials are sufficient to fulfill kids’ need. The app is designed in the way that kids will like it so much. A beautiful and charming picture enhances its use. This is one of the best windows 8 apps to teach kids. I think you will also like this app so much for your kids.

Kids Advanced Tutor Windows 8 Apps

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