Listen to Top Radio Channels on Windows 8 / 10 using Mini Radio Player App

 is a free Windows 8 app providing you the facility to listen to a large collection of radio stations on. It gives you access to the top radio stations of different countries like USA, UK, India, France and many others. Mini Radio Player app simply categorizes the stations on the basis of their locations. This app works flawlessly. It claims of having more than 1000 radio channels.

The interface of Mini Radio Player app looks very simple but attractive. The developers have made this app keeping in mind the easy accessibility and feasibility while working with this app. You can switch over to other apps while listening to this app. It runs in the background. This is indeed a beautiful feature. A screenshot of its home screen is shown below: Earlier we have written on Pandora, Nexus, App Radio, iHeart Radio, Tuba FM Apps for Windows 8 which could also help you in fulfilling your demand of Radio App.

Mini Radio Player for Windows 8


You can have this app from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to use Mini Radio Player app

While installing this app, this app automatically saves your location. Once its installation is complete, it will open a screen like the above shown screenshot. It shows you the list of all the Top radio stations which are available there in that locality. At the bottom, you have a mini radio player, which can be easily turned Off or On, just by clicking on the play option. In the right panel of this screenshot, you can see there is an option of increasing sound or decreasing it. You can handle it using your mouse by placing the icon on it and pressing wherever you desire this to be.

There is a Search option in the Topmost right corner. Using this you can search for various radio stations by typing their names. Clicking on the star button previous to star option adds a radio station to your favorites. However, note that before adding any radio station to your favorite needs an account to be created. This could be created the first time you open this app as it automatically asks for having an account. You could make your account at a later time also.

The location could be changed in this app, or you can search for particular radio stations based on any location. Thus you can choose the best radio to which you want to listen among all the radio stations based on any location. It basically categorizes itself into seven continents in which the name of countries is there. You can simply click on any particular country and all the radio stations available in that country would be displayed on the screen. To name a few countries includes US, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, UK, Georgia, Spain, India, Korea, etc. Each country, in turn, has its top radio stations country wise.

You could also have this app from Windows 8 App store under the music and video category.

Key Features of Mini Radio Player app

  1. Completely Free App.
  2. Very Simple and easy to use interface.
  3. Listen to Top Radios and Regional Radios from your country and others.
  4. Save your favorite stations on the cloud.
  5. Search for any radio available among the large radio channels available.
  6. Stations could be added to favorites.
  7. A lightweight app.
  8. Categorizes station according to continents and countries.
  9. Could run in the background thus supporting multiple apps.
  10. Integrated with windows charm facilities.


Mini Radio Player is really a nice windows 8 radio app. Combined with the windows charm facility, it is very easy to do a lot of works effectively. Choosing among the large collection of radio stations available here makes it a must try app. Overall, this is a usable app and you will love its nice features.

Link: Mini Radio Player

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