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Sports Republic is a sports app that gathers all the latest news about various sports from different areas and provides them to the users so that they can know about the games that matter to them. The sports feature cricket, football, basketball, Formula One, Rugby, and others. So if you follow a particular sport or more you will be able to see the ongoing activities related to it. It is a free android app and can be downloaded from the Google play store. Since it becomes very tedious when it comes to search on the internet about the sports news Sports Republic app greatly reduces the cluttering task by making the search process easier.

Talking about the interface it is very intuitive and user-friendly. The modern interface based on tile version makes it much easier to browse through different sections in a swift manner. The app is better supported on smart phones and tablets since it has been particularly designed for the same. Upon launching Sports Republic app you are directed to the start screen of the app. A screenshot of the main screen is shown below.

sports news app android

How To Use Sports Republic app

The main screen shows all the options that are available in a tile format. These include Top Stories, Football, Motorsports and others. Top stories section contains all the latest and popular feed about different sports under one section so that you can maintain your overall knowledge of sports. It also shows the timing of upload so that you get to know whether the feed is recent or not. At the top right corner there is an option to open up the Search bar in case you need to look for something in particular. The news is collected from the acknowledged sources like Reuters and is displayed in that particular feed.

Now when you click on the particular tab representing a particular sport, a new interface opens, and the news in that section is displayed in a well-organized manner. Nearly all the relevant sports are covered in this section, and you can read a particular article simply by clicking onto it. The news is displayed in the listed format, and the one that is selected is presented in the remaining part. Also,the app can be set in the main screen of the device where it shows the feed notification and refreshes it all the time. A sample screenshot of the news display under a particular sports section is shown below.

Thus this is all you need to know to get on with this app, and the rest can be followed on an intuitive basis.

Key Features Of Sports Republic App

  1. Visual overview of sports news from all corners of the world.
  2. Personalization of home screen to see news of your favorite sport.
  3. Complete articles with photos and videos from trusted sources and RSS feed.
  4. Tag NavTM navigation system for better browsing.
  5. Available in eight regional editions.
  6. Completely Free App with uncluttered Interface.
  7. Provide opinion on brand new article with comment feature.

Conclusion: It is a useful Android app for those who want to keep themselves updated with the latest news from the sports. For those who have a hunch of following a particular sport be it football or cricket or anything else, this app provides the user with all the relevant news collecting them from standard sources. This is a must app for a sport-loving person.

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