Manage Windows 8 apps Directly from the Desktop

I came across a software, Windows 8 apps Boss which is used to manage the Windows 8 apps from the desktop. A developer license can be requested from Microsoft with this program. Thus the work for the apps developer and a normal PC user becomes easier.

The Windows App Boss can be downloaded from the CodePlex page. After the download is complete the user can start using it as it does not require an installation. For the first time of its use, it takes a few seconds to update its database with the apps installed on the computer. There is the information regarding the apps such as the name, version, publisher and family the app belongs to which usually do not appear when the app is being installed or uninstalled. But when this software updates its databases with the apps, this information becomes visible.

Windows App Boss

Installation of the apps

Windows App Boss helps in the installation of the apps from Windows store. Even it tests store apps that may not have been approved by Microsoft can be installed and checked. An “Install” option appears in the top left corner. Advance Package installer opens on clicking it.

You should always be careful while installing apps in Windows 8 especially if you are not clear about the source. The Advance Package Installer helps in the installation of the apps manually. There are some apps that are not offered by the Windows store for some time. Such apps should be carefully checked and installed. While installing such apps add the package and the dependencies and then make the correct selection of the options after whose installation should be made.

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Working with the Apps

All the apps appear on the main screen. Click on it to uninstall or view complete information regarding the app. For changing the setting, go to the settings. The Settings.dat file for the app is shown which generally does not appear launched apps. These settings are the background settings of the apps and how they run on Windows 8.

The mini-restore tool is very helpful which restores the app to the previous state.

Uninstalling apps

The advantage of using Windows App Boss is that the apps can directly be uninstalled from the desktop. After going to the app which highlights it click on “Uninstall”. A small pop up box appears which shows the un-installation progress. It is the same way as one would uninstall from the Start screen.

Impression: The impression is that this software is great. It provides much more information regarding the apps which Microsoft does not. Interaction with the apps is very smooth. The web developer’s information is also shown. If anyone wants to develop their own app, then this is the best tool.

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