How to edit Google Drive videos inside Chrome with WeVideo

There are many instances when beautiful presentations with lots of animations and videos are made with texts out of this world are made. But what happens at the last moment, the creator of this presentation forgets to take his laptop to the office or at least forgets to take this file and he is lost. But, he gets a ray of hope when he remembers that the videos from the presentation are stored in his Google Drive account. He logs in and downloads them, but with just a half an hour to spare, he has to edit the video. If this had been a few years back, he would have surely lost his job, but as it is 2013, He should thank WeVideo Chrome. This app lets the user load Google Drive videos and edit them inside the browser itself.
How to edit Google Drive videos inside Chrome with WeVideo

How to use WeVideo

Go to the download page of Chrome Web Store and download WeVideo. There appears a blue “Create Project button”. Enter the name of the project you want to create and click on this button.

WeVideo Landing Page

There are three modes of editing videos. Since the basic requirement here is cutting certain scenes from the video, it is better to skip the Storyboard mode and click the Timeline mode. The interface for editing the videos is very traditional.

WeVideo Timeline

The next step requires you to upload the file to WeVideo. If the file is stored in your hard drive, then you can directly upload it from there. But, in case you cannot do this as the laptop in which the videos are kept, you have forgotten, and then import the video from GoogleDrive. Go to Drive. WeVideo will ask for authorization to access your Google account. Allow it and go to the Google Drive video you want to edit.

WeVideo Upload

It will take a few minutes for the uploaded file to get processed. After the processing is complete, it will appear in the Video section of the project. After this, drag the video and drop it on the Timeline.

WeVideo Edit uploaded video

This step will be easy for all those who have used video editors before. Under the preview, player appears a scissors icon. Select the start and the end of the video where you want to snip.

We Video Splitting

After the satisfactory selection of the snips which needs to be deleted, drag it over the preview window. This will delete the scene. Then, you have to pull the later portion of the video to the previous portion to join it. The transition where the split has been made is usually smooth but if it is a bit disturbing, then there are certain transition effects.

WeVideo delete scene

In the toolbar appears the Publish button. Clicking on it will import the video to the GoogleDrive account. Though the video import will be in 480 p format. For getting the video in higher resolution, a payment has to be made.

The ultimate conclusion is that this software really comes to help in case of distress.

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