Microsoft Edge Beta 119.0.2151.12 brings Split screen restore

Beta Channel Microsoft Edge version 119.0.2151.12 features, changes, bug fixes, and how to install.

Microsoft Edge Beta 119.0.2151.12

With 4 new features and policies, Microsoft Edge Beta gets a new version 119 (119.0.2151.12). This update contains Behavioral changes to the beforeunload event, Split screen restore improvements, Additional capability to manage sidebar apps, and a better enterprise sync settings page. Furthermore, the update has fixed various bugs and performance issues of the built-in browser.

You know the Microsoft Edge Canary version currently crashes 2 minutes after opening and it happens too often. The main feature of this Microsoft Edge Beta 119.0.2151.12 is the Split window in tab. This will help you restore the split screen when starting the previous session. Also, see Microsoft Edge Dev Update Changelog.

Microsoft Edge Beta 119.0.2151.12 Features, changes, and bug fixes

Previously, using the split window in the tab was not an option for extended periods. Edge 119 is slated for widespread distribution in the retail channel by approximately November 2nd, 2023. Additionally, there is a modification related to the beforeunload event.

The behavior of the beforeunload event has changed such that calling preventDefault in a beforeunload event handler no longer triggers a confirmation dialog, and setting returnValue to an empty string in a beforeunload event handler no longer triggers a confirmation dialog. This behavior takes effect starting with Microsoft Edge version 119. Administrators can temporarily turn off this functionality by BeforeunloadEventCancelByPreventDefaultEnableddisabling the policy.

The following options have been created for administrators using the guidelines:

How to update to Edge Beta 119

  1. Click on Settings and more (3-dots icon on the top right of the browser).
  2. Select Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge.
  3. After the update is downloaded, click on Relanch.

Download link

Source: Release note.

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