Microsoft Edge Dev Build Rolled out

Microsoft Edge Dev Build is now getting rolled out with a lot of new features and enhancements which we have seen over the past two weeks in Canary channel. The outstanding feature available in this patch allows the browser to read the contents in PDFs aloud. With the latest update, this classic Edge browser also provides you a pretty unique PDF reading experience.

As we know the Canary version of the browser gets an update on the everyday frequency and Dev weekly. With this build, a new update is also available for Edge Canary which comprises themes setting and media autoplay block experimental flag. Read out the below section and know the features and improvements which get enrolled with this build.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build

Microsoft Edge Dev Build fixes and improvements

Here are the fixes and improvements that Microsoft Edge Dev Build brings –

New features and behavior

  • Edge Dev version enabled the Read Aloud feature for PDFs.
  • The browser now offers a secure receipt of payment card data.
  • Developer team turns on the Application Reputation from SmartScreen by default.
  • With this build, the company has fixed the support of Dolby audio on Windows 8.
  • The team comprises a flag in edge://flags in the Family safety feature.
  • Now, you are able to launch the browser directly with the help of the ClickOnce application.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev Build attached the supports for HEVC decoder
  • The latest edition of browser enables Windows Defender Application Guard by default.
  • They sort extensions into “From Microsoft Store” and “From other stores” categories.
  • A Recent Category is available in History management page.
  • With this build, they disable InPrivate browsing for profiles. Here, the Family Settings manage this profile.
  • Developer team attaches tracking prevention under a flag in edge://flags.
  • They comprise the ability to Save as MHTML from reading view.
  • The build works to support single sign-on and Azure Active Directory.
  • Microsoft expert works to support DRM in PDF.
  • Localization into 11 languages. Besides, more languages are coming with the next build.
  • On macOS, The team enables SmartScreen by default.
  • They also enable another feature SafeSearch functionality for all Bing searches.
  • Now, this browser supports keyboard shortcuts for extensions.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build Fixes for improved reliability

  • On macOS, they resolve the TouchBar of the YouTube fullscreen mode.
  • The team resolves several fixes to the sync engine.
  • With the latest build, they enhance crash reporting and uploading.
  • Developer team fixed a crash on URL load.
  • They resolve another error when sync was turned off and on repeatedly.
  • While trying to write to read-only date attribute, you will not experience the crash issue.
  • In the previous build, you might face a crashing issue while moving tab between two windows on the separate screens. However, they fixed this issue with this update.
  • Build resolved another crashing issue which happened when sync occurred before sign-on completed.
  • The company resolved a crash that occurs on some navigation requests.
  • Fixed a crash on pop-up windows.
  • This build resolves crash on launch of Microsoft Edge on macOS Sierra and High Sierra versions
  • Now, the browser will repair extensions by itself.
  • On privacy and services settings page, the company has resolved an issue with guest more support.
  • During the launch of Microsoft Edge for macOS, now you will not encounter the crashing issue.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build Fixes for improved behavior

  • The team enhances the dark mode in various controls and pages.
  • While importing from Chrome, the tech giant select the last used Chrome profile by default.
  • Move multiple controls to Fluent user interface.
  • Enhance the cleanup logic in the installer.
  • The company limits content for New Tab Page on Education SKUs and Windows 10s.
  • They resolve the new WebView control rendering.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev Build resolves the importing defaults from the Edge browser and Internet Explorer.
  • Fixes for Reading View toolbar.
  • This build resolves the importing pinned tabs issue and settings during First Run Experience.
  • Fix to use user preference for font size rather than preset default.
  • Now, after the First Run Experience, the keyboard focus will move to the address bar by itself
  • For History on mac OS, they fixed the swipe gesture.
  • On the user flyout, the technician team has solved the sync icon badge.
  • They solved the audio offload in this update. This will enhance performance and battery life.

Source – techcommunity

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